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Statement Bottles

December 13, 2017

Choosing your bubbles can sometimes be like picking that perfect LBD: you want a seamless fit; it must be deliciously sexy and alluring, yet still modest; and it must captivate the entire room. But finding this illustrious vessel of liquid sparkle can be difficult among the walls of bottles lining the liquor stores, all of which seem to promise a good time. If you want to skip the indecision, here are some suggestions that are sure to entertain. —Laura Starr

statement bottles

moët & chandon mciii champagne. For $700 a pop, this wine is the ultimate in design. A masterpiece of three different blends of grapes (from vintages dating back to 1993), each representing a perfect expression of clean fruit, production method, and age, this wine spends 10 years in bottle before release. It’s rich but clean, incredibly complex and shows delicate but persistent bubbles. The bottle is impressive, and the wine in it is an absolute showstopper.

statement bottles

blue mountain reserve brut 2009 r.d. Blue Mountain makes exemplary B.C. sparkling wine in such a Champagne style, you’ll feel like you’re drinking the real deal. This Reserve Brut comes from grapes harvested in 2009, spending six-and-a-half years on its lees and a year in bottle before it is released. It’s toasty and brioch-y but expresses lots of ripe red fruit with a clean, crisp finish. A favourite local gem, for certain.

statement bottles

summerhill cipes ariel 1998. The striking elegance of this bottle is a giveaway for the incredibly rich, spicy and commanding wine inside. From the 1998 vintage, these bubbles have spent 20 years waiting to be popped, and those patient years are finally ready to put on a show. Get ready to taste through a dizzying profile of nuts, brioche, dried apricots, lemon rind, ginger and custard (gives gold, frankincense and myrrh a run for their money).

statement bottles

recaredo intense rosé gran reserva. If you are one to eschew the LBD and go straight for the red goddess look, here is the sparkling wine to suit your style! This cava will catch eyes with its deep pink hue and bold bottle design. Delicately balanced, yet fully fruit-forward, this cava will be the belle of the holiday ball.


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