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3 Steamy Ways to Get Back on the Good-Food Track (Win a Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven!)

January 9, 2018

It’s not that we didn’t thoroughly enjoy treating ourselves during the holidays (devouring a box of chocolate-covered cherries while watching Love Actually is an annual indulgence we look forward to all year). It’s just that, with the festive season wrapped, we’re honestly eager to get back on track as far as our diet is concerned (a few more Yuletide rom-coms won’t hurt anyone, though). That said, our brand-new Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven ($699 at dealers across Canada) will be very handy when it comes to making meals that are not only good for us, but delicious too. The steam technology in combination with its grill, oven and microwave cook options offer mealtime solutions in a flash, making healthy gourmet-quality fare easy. Here are three mouthwatering, nutrition-forward dishes we’ll be whipping up, post-Christmas, thanks to this cutting-edge appliance. —Noa Nichol

panasonic 3 in 1 steam oven

healthy hummus. Sweet potatoes steamed in the Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven and blended with garlic, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and tahini paste takes hummus to healthy new heights (you can even bake fabulous dippable flatbreads with this all-purpose kitchen tool).

panasonic 3 in 1 steam oven

fit fish ‘n’ chips. Salmon filets grilled and lightly marinated in olive oil, tamari sauce and maple syrup, served with a side of kale chips (kale, olive oil and sea salt). Both can be prepared in the Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven and will hit the post-holiday health spot.

panasonic 3 in 1 steam oven

quinoa cupcakes, too. Yup, this baby makes desserts—with healthy benefits, to boot! We baked gluten-free cupcakes that included cooked quinoa, nut milk, blueberries and walnuts in the Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven and were delighted by the delicious, nutritious results.

Win! A $699 Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven!

panasonic 3 in 1 steam oven

One lucky winner will snag a $699 Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven of their very own this month! Contest opens January 10, 2018, and closes February 15, 2018. Canadian residents only. Let us know in the comments below why you’d love to win this prize (not mandatory, but we’d love you for it) and enter to win here!


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