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Talk About a Healthy Start to the New Year!

January 11, 2018

Disclosure: This post was developed in association with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The opinions of the authors are their own.

As of January 1, 2018, the Province of Ontario has made it easier than ever for Ontarians to stay healthy via OHIP+, which provides a whopping 4,400-plus prescription medications at no cost for kids and youth under 25, regardless of family income. It’s a big—no, HUGE—step that’s going to benefit families of every shape and size, students and even entrepreneurs across the province, and we’re pleased as punch to help spread the word. Here are some of the VIDs (very important details) you need to know:


it’s a first. Ontario is the first—repeat, FIRST—province to provide this type of coverage for a vast range of prescription medications at no cost for kids and youth under 25.

a plethora of prescription drugs. Kids and youth will have access to over 4,400 drug products—think antibiotics to treat infections, inhalers for asthma, epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens) for allergies, various insulins, oral diabetic medications and diabetes test strips, and more—completely covered through the Ontario Drug Benefit program.

easy enrollment, easy use. Enrollment in OHIP+ is totally automatic for Ontarians with a valid OHIP number, and are under 25 years old. . Eligible? All you need is your health card number and a prescription from your doctor or nurse practitioner when you visit an Ontario pharmacy. It couldn’t be simpler!

super search tool. Ontario’s new, mobile-friendly online search tool makes it easy as pie for patients and families to find out if their medication is available at no cost through OHIP+.


For Ontario families with kids, and for the many youth out there who may have a hard time gaining employment or are working at lower incomes, making them less likely to have access to prescription drug coverage or the ability to pay out-of-pocket, this is definitely going to be a health game-changer (and we hope other provinces will soon follow suit). Visit the OHIP+ website for full info, check out this great video to learn more, and have a happy, HEALTHY 2018! —Vita Daily


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