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The Secret to Newborn Skin isn’t Cheap (But it’s Worth it!)

March 5, 2018

In the world of luxury skin care new launches are far and few between given the amount of research and development committed to each individual product. La Prairie’s latest offering, for instance, was a whopping three years in the making—but well worth the wait.

la prairie

We’ll warn you in advance: at $1,550 a pop, the beauty brand’s new Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir (available at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom) costs a pretty penny. However, the fact that it contains the highest concentration of La Prairie’s exclusive cellular complex and marks the debut of something the company is calling Advanced Platinum Complex, means this pricey product is poised to completely recharge your skin’s cellular renewal process, promising to deliver newborn dermis that’s even-toned, brighter and smoother.

Don’t believe us? In clinical tests, scientists found the serum highly effective in stimulating procollagen and increasing elastin in fibroblast cells—part of the process of achieving that newborn skin. It does so by feeding the skin amino acids (the building blocks for collagen and elastin), sugars and nucleotides. Once properly fuelled, the skin is better positioned to let the serum do its real work: accelerating repair through cellular respiration, increasing radiance through detoxification and reducing skin irritations and sensitivities through increased immunity.

A final piece of good news: one drop is all that is recommended every night, so a single bottle of this rather expensive stuff actually goes a long, long way. —Catherine Tse


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