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The Surprising Health Benefits of Adrenaline

July 26, 2018

Imagine yourself in a highly stressful situation. Your heart starts pounding and your hands start sweating. You look here and there for some way out. It is a classic example of human body’s "fight or flight response," brought about by the rush of adrenaline (also popularly known as epinephrine). If you’ve ever taken part in the Polar Bear Swim, you’d be very much familiar with this "fight or flight response."


This response is also commonly felt whenever you play off-line or online casino games, staking huge sums of money. This adrenaline is produced in body’s adrenal glands and some of the neurons in the body’s central nervous system. It is an integral part of the body’s natural safety system. Adrenaline is also recognised as an extremely healthy hormone that can help you in many different ways. Let’s take you over some important ways in which an adrenaline rush can help your body.

enrichment and proper supply of blood. Whenever your body goes into a typical fight or flight mode, it leads to dilation of your air passages. As a result, your muscles are supplied with high amounts of oxygen required for taking on an enemy, or to disappear from the current place. The adrenaline hormone also causes blood vessels to contract in a manner that the blood is redirected toward the important muscle groups, which might come into play during the battle.

adrenaline gives phenomenal pain-resistance abilities. Another unique quality of adrenaline is that it reduces the body’s ability to sense any kind of pain. It’s the reason why you can continue running from a dangerous situation, without having any idea about a gnarly injury. It is your body’s natural response to stay alive and the pain is subdued in order to help you stay up. The adrenaline gets between the actual injury and the brain’s response. There’s a reason why adrenaline is referred to as the stress hormone! However, please keep in mind that once the hormone does its job, you would indeed require an ice pack. It’s only in that particular dangerous moment that adrenaline will come to your rescue.

adrenaline helps you unlock maximum strength. Are you after major strength gains? Adrenaline is something that can help you significantly in that department. There are ample stories out there about tiny soccer moms removing heavy loads from on top of their children after bad car wrecks. Adrenaline works in a way that it silences the inner voice which says that you don’t have it in you to lift that ultra-heavy SUV. When you’re high on adrenaline, you can easily get past such self-inflicted boundaries. Such hulk-like benefits of adrenaline can in fact last for around an hour.

Please keep in mind that it’s not only your biceps that will benefit from adrenaline. Your eyes will get better too; and might go a level up. As the evolutionary intent of this hormone is to prime up your body, enabling it to react to a grave threat, your pupils will dilate naturally whenever they are popped up with adrenaline. With the expansion of your pupils, your vision will improve naturally as well.


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