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6 Reasons Why Group Travel is Better Than You Think

August 1, 2018

You could be forgiven if the term “group travel” conjures up images of tourists swarming a destination, being led by an umbrella-wielding guide, all fighting each other for the best Instagram shot. It’s no wonder why you might think that being a “do-it-yourself” traveller will earn you respect among “real travelers”. But what if we told you nothing can be further from the truth? We don’t know about you, but the thought of having to research the entire trip, vet hotels and everything else, search for the best price and then book—and that’s even before you get to the destination where you’ll then have to figure everything out by yourself—makes us want to take a vacation from the vacation. On the flip side, group travel has everything planned out for you. All you’ll need to figure out is what to pack, should you have the margherita pizza or spaghetti all’ amatriciana in Rome and temple time versus beach fun


If having the hassle taken out of your travel planning sounds more like your style, why not find out why more and more of your friends are hopping on a group adventure? Contiki, the world’s leading youth travel company created exclusively for 18-35-year olds, is one brand you should look into. They offer over 300 life-changing adventures that visit six continents and they have something for every type of traveller—whether you’re travelling solo and seeking adventure in your life, want to eat your way through a destination or want to collect as many passport stamps as possible in a short amount of time. Oh, did we mention that #NoRegrets is a way of life for them? So, if you’re ready to see if group travel is right for you, here are six reasons why you should just say “yes” RN.

you’re never alone. There’s solo travel, and then there’s feeling lonely travelling alone. You can still travel by yourself (hey, we all need ‘me time’ once in a while) during group travel. In fact, over 55% of people who travel with Contiki are doing it solo so you’re in good hands if you just want to roam the world on your own. Because on any given Contiki adventure there will be around 30 to 50 other travellers from diverse ages, nationalities and characters, you’re bound to find instant BFF’s within the group. If you’re travelling outside Canada for the first time, group travel is the perfect start. It’s comforting to know that you’re going to be looked after and make friends from all over the world, giving you that much-needed confidence boost so that the next time you travel abroad you’ll be all over it like a rash.

the inside scoop. Imagine a professional traveller with you at all times who eliminates all your anxieties and worries so you can just enjoy exploring new lands. On Contiki, you are with some of the world’s best “Trip Managers” and local expert guides—people who go through rigorous training (and we mean rigorous—think army boot camp style complete with having to be tested on at least 60 major destinations and being required to write a 30,000 word final essay) to ensure that you are in the best possible hands at any time of the day (or night). If you ever wanted to know where the best gelato in Italy is, your Trip Manager will show you the secret spots. Want to go off-the-beaten path and see something cool? They’ll know where and what … and who to ask for. They will help you unlock the history and insider knowledge of the world’s greatest destinations, so you can get the absolute most out of your experience, without spending your whole time Googling or flipping through guide books. Think of them as an encyclopedia, but for travel.

more free time to yourself than you would think. Perhaps one of the greatest myths about group travel is that you don’t get a lot of “free time” to do what you want to do. Group travel has evolved over the years as people’s habits and requirements have changed. It’s no longer a case of following a guide through a packed city centre as they hold an umbrella in the air that you have to follow religiously. Instead, it’s about giving you options. Obviously, you’re going to want to do the “must-dos” such as visiting the Eiffel Tour—you are in Paris after all—which a Contiki trip will already have planned for you. But you’ll also have total freedom to spend your “me time” however you want. So basically, the best of both worlds—the itinerary of dreams, and the choice to go off course. #Winning.


value, value, value!  At the end of the day, you choose group travel to make your vacations seamless and effortless. Add to that a truly valuable experience with more included sights and sounds—think a tango lesson followed by a show and feast in Buenos Aires or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Since accommodation, breakfast, an A+ team, comfy transportation throughout (no more having to book six gazillion different train tickets), tons of meals and exclusive access to sights are already included in the price, you’ll have more money in your pocket for food, shopping or other cool experiences. How is this possible? Companies such as Contiki have great connections in the travel business and they’ve been doing this for a long time. Contiki has been offering fun and immersive travel experiences since 1962. Now try booking everything on your own and you’ll notice that everything starts adding up more than what the price of the actual group trip is. That and you’ll probably rip half your hair out trying to do this on your own.


hassle-free vacation.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure because on group trips, it’s hassle-free baby. Navigating through a new country can sometimes be difficult. New languages, customs, and ways to get around. With group travel, you generally don’t have to worry about organizing or planning as much—you can just go with the flow, cocktail in hand, and let someone else deal with the stress. Doesn’t that sound like the dream vacation?


find your future soulmate.   Because let’s face it—who really needs Tinder to find love when it’s as simple as travelling the world and embracing single life. You’re travelling with a bunch of like-minded individuals, experiencing new cultures with a positive attitude—be open to whatever lies ahead. We’ve heard of enough Contiki romances, marriages and babies to know that group adventures, and constant human interaction can certainly help you find your future soulmate—or at least—start the conversation and form new friendships! Ask around and the first thing anyone who has ever been on a Contiki adventure will tell you is the new friends they made, and still keep in touch with! Meeting new friends while bonding over experiencing the world together is something money can never buy.

Adventure awaits. Head over to and explore the world, especially if you’ve been thinking of taking a last-minute vacation.


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