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Inika in Canada (Win! An Inika Organic Prize Pack!)

September 17, 2018

A new Australian-born cosmetics line launching in Canada next month is touted as the “world’s healthiest makeup." Here’s everything you need to know about Inika Organic ahead of its entry into the market, straight from the mouth of its passionate founder, Tony Rechtman. —Noa Nichol

inika organic

Hi Tony! When and why did you start Inika Organic?

After a stint working for OPI and other multi-nationals in the U.S., my wife Sharon and I started our parent company, Total Beauty Network. We devised our big plan on the back of a napkin over dinner—we wanted to offer unique brands that challenged the beliefs consumers and the industry had about beauty; specifically, for Inika Organic, that 100 per cent natural formulas can be luxury and high-performance and, for our other brands, that it was possible to create affordable, quality cosmetics that rival the high-end brands. I’ve always had a certain view on this issue, that beauty and cosmetics should be available to all, and I suppose that’s what has allowed me to build such success in this industry. I have genuine passion for it. I have always believed in clean and healthy living and in the people around me. I saw that many cosmetics brands were using ingredients that are toxic and harmful. My background at previous cosmetic companies gave me the experience in the product development side of things and so it was a natural progression to start developing my own lines. In re-developing Inika Organic, we have created something that really helps beauty consumers across the world to adopt a healthier approach to their lives.

What is Inika’s overarching philosophy, and what types of products does it include?

Inika Organic is the world’s healthiest makeup and this is affirmed by our global certifications on ingredients and formulas. We have a full range (prep, face, lips, eyes) of 100 per cent natural, luxury cosmetics that have such high performance, we’re seeing makeup artists around the world start requesting Inika Organic for their clients and themselves. We’re also Certified Cruelty-free, Certified Vegan and Certified Halal.

inika organic

Organic cosmetics are not necessarily new; neither is vegan. So what makes Inika Organic different?

There are two key differences that set us apart from the pack. First is our certifications—no other brand achieves such stringent certifications across ingredients and formula innovation and this helps us with communicating transparency and building trust with our consumer. This is our way of letting them know we will always provide them with a 100 per cent natural and pure product. The second is that our products are extremely high performing and we challenge the stigma that "natural" brands cannot outperform their mainstream, prestige counterparts. We have recently been invited to New York Fashion Week 2018 to be the makeup and artistry team for not one, but two headlining shows. This is all off the back of our performance, from the runway to the every day.

How has consumer feedback helped shaped your brand?

Hearing from our consumers is the only way we can truly improve. We spend months to years perfecting formulas but in the end, if it’s not exactly what our consumers are looking for, there’s little point in making changes. We live for social media, it’s our direct line to our customers and they can tell us exactly what they’re loving and what they’d like to see from the range. Feedback is a gift, and we always want to hear what people think, whether it’s great or we need to improve something. Considering our new products can take up to four years to develop (a very long time in the makeup world, probably two to three times longer than usual) we want to make sure that the end result is spot on. The reason for the long development timeline is due to the fact that we only ever use natural and certified organic, right down to the ingredients that keep the formula fresh and safe for use over time, it just takes a long time to get a product right. A good example is our latest mascara—Long Lash Vegan Mascara. Take it from someone who knows, creating a 100 per cent natural mascara that actually works is notoriously difficult. We recognized the need to innovate a completely new formula off the back of previous releases and our Long Lash Vegan Mascara took the better part of four-and-a-half years to develop. It launched nine months ago and the verdict from consumers and beauty industry experts is that it’s fabulous! We have already won many awards for it!

inika organic

What has been the most difficult/challenging product to develop, and why?

Anyone committed to being truly 100 per cent natural, certified organic, certified vegan and certified cruelty-free knows that ALL products are difficult to develop. I suppose that’s why not many brands go through the challenge of having their range independently certified. Our lipsticks were particularly hard to create, we wanted to be the world’s first certified organic and certified vegan formula that worked beautifully. I approached 20 different labs around the world to help me develop it as no formula like it existed anywhere. Over and over again I was told, “No, it can’t be done." But one of our company values is "never fear rejection" and, with perseverance, determination and a lot of trial and error, we were finally able to make the world’s first certified organic and vegan lipstick. The best part is it’s made right here in Canada, so that’s pretty special, too.

What is your favourite product in the line, and why?

I love the Certified Organic BB Cream, we worked tirelessly to get it feeling like a light moisturiser, but with the coverage of a foundation. It’s enriched with 12 skin-loving ingredients including prickly pear, which is amazing for hydrating the skin. Influencers and beauty gurus are loving it as well, we’re seeing Instagram posts and mentions coming in from all over the world.

Do you use any of the products personally? Which ones?

I religiously use our Certified Organic Pure Primer every day and even more frequently when I travel. It hydrates and protects from external aggressors and does wonders for keeping skin balanced during long flights and travel periods. I can hand on heart say that I have used every single product we have developed—ask my team! They sometimes get a laugh out of it but I take it seriously! I want to know without a doubt, that when we launch something that it’s the best possible quality and performance that it can be.

inika organic

In the same vein, are men welcome/encouraged to access Inika Organic products? Will there be a men’s collection down the line?

Because our range is natural and contains no synthetics it is ideal for use on all skin types. Many men around the world adopt Inika Organic products into their routines (we’re seeing the BB Cream become a particular favourite) and we think this will increase further with the launch of future products.

Regarding the launch in Canada October 1st: why are you excited about it, and how do you think Inika Organic will fit into/be received by the Canadian market/consumer?

I’m so excited to see Inika Organic launch in Canada. We see such similarities between our two countries, Canada and Australia, and there’s definitely a strong feeling of connection between us with regards to attitudes around wellness and forward thinking. We love the outdoors, too!

Beyond the products you make, how do you lead a lifestyle that jives with Inika Organic’s brand philosophy?

My wife and I both live a very healthy and active lifestyle (Sharon is well-versed in nutrition and I recently did the Kokoda Track) and we have imparted this on to our family and our extended family at TBN. At a young age, our son Coby developed serious allergies and food intolerances and so we radically changed our lifestyle and detoxed our home. We just find that you feel better with a more natural approach, whether it’s for cleaning the home, nutrition and food and of course, the products you use on your skin too. We also love to share that passion with our customers and company team, too!

Look for Inika Organic in premium health stores and retailers as of October 1st, as well as online now at

Win! An Inika Organic Prize Pack!


We have a winner! Congratulations Vi L. of Toronto, who won an Inika Organic prize, consisting of one Face in a Box kit (a $190 value)!


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