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Nanö to the Rescue!

October 4, 2018

Just like us, our little ones have a sweet tooth—which, admittedly, can be hard to control. With so many snacks loaded with sugar, it’s nice to know that some brands are working hard to make fun foods for kids that taste good and are nutritionally valuable. We recently chatted with Daniel Racine, brand manager at iÖGO, about two new launches, including a new nanö yogurt with no refined sugar added and nanö mozzarella cheese in practical single-serve portions, that kids and their parents can both get super excited about! —Vita Daily


Hi Daniel! Our kids are huge fans of nanö so, to start, we’re dying to ask: what kind of feedack have you received from little ones—and their parents!—about your products?

Our number one fans are our employees’ kids! So, in order to conquer their taste buds, we conducted several internal taste tests among them. Their verdict was unanimous: our new nanö yogurt with no refined sugar was still the best. Feedback we are getting on social media is already great!

Why the launch now of new nanö yogurt with no refined sugar added? What’s different from the current yogurt offerings?

It’s a totally brand-new product. It’s not fresh cheese as it used to be but yogurt. Our goal was to offer kids and their parents a value-added yogurt by: reducing sugar quantity from 6 g to 4 g; choosing whole milk to increase fat percentage from 3 to 2.25 per cent; and adding probiotics to the recipe that contribute to a healthy digestive-tract flora.

And how about new nanö mozzarella cheese in practical single-serve portions—what’s exciting and different about this launch?

It’s exciting to add a new product to our iögo nanö brand! We are offering new dairy snacks outside of yogurt with the same approach: convenient for parents, great for kids. Plus, these natural snack-size mozzarella cheese are easy to open for kids, available in individual portions and fun to eat, with 21 animal illustrations to be discovered!

What will parent and kids each love most about these new launches?

Since its launch in 2012, nanö has grown to be the leading kids yogurt category. It is the most trustable brand for parents and is the best of both worlds: kids think it’s good and parents know it’s good. Nanö with no refined sugar added is a delicious dairy solution to parents who are willing to reduce the quantity of sugar consumed by their kids without compromising the taste nor the nutriments found in milk. And nanö mozzarella cheese is a convenient snacking solution for any occasion during the day.

Finally, a personal question: what’s your favourite yogurt flavour, and do you like it plain/straight from the cup or do you do anything to dress it up?!

For myself, whether it’s an afternoon snack or breakfast at the office, I love our iÖGO proteinE vanilla with a little bit of granola crunch on top. It has none of the fat but it’s filling and the consistency I like!


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