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Day of the Girl Doc

October 7, 2018

A seat at the table begins with a seat in the classroom. On Thursday, October 11th, 2018, The Ace Class is inviting the community to join in a special screening of the Girl Rising documentary in celebration of Day of the Girl, at Vancouver’s Settlement Building. Created by a team of former journalists, Girl Rising tells the stories of nine girls from around the world who are affected by education—or lack thereof. Their stories are compelling, moving and emotional and, most importantly, shine a bright light on why we desperately need to invest in educating and empowering girls.


Girl Rising is revolutionary and is one of the most important films one will see in his or her lifetime because its purpose and meaning transcends way beyond the screen, but lends itself to a growing movement that all women and men should support—giving rise and a voice to girls. You’ll enjoy an interactive and inspiration-filled evening that includes impactful poetry from a spoken-word artist, the on-site presence of charities aimed at empowering women and delicious food and drink by a collection of local businesses. You’ll be engaged in thought-provoking discussions and build a deeper connection with those in your community. Best of all, a portion of ticket sales will support Girl in the Wild.

Celebrate the Day of the Girl with us the best way possible—by ensuring girls all around the world can be full and equal participants in society. Tickets here. —The Ace Class


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