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Hasta Be the Perfect Homemade Pasta!

October 9, 2018

Making pasta at home is a simple task, but making the perfect pasta is not. In celebration of National Pasta Month in October (as if we needed another reason to love this autumn-y month), executive head chef Gabriele Di Marco at Toronto’s Oretta offers the following tips for no-flaw noodles:


choose your pasta. With there being more than 350 types of pasta, it’s easy to say there’s something for everyone! While the opportunities might be overwhelming, the size, shape and texture of your pasta is the foundation of your dish.

create your pasta. Make your pasta by hand. Creating the dish at every step of the way will not only make a big difference in taste, you can feel proud of your accomplishment! Oh, and don’t forget the most important ingredient: amore.

make your sauce. What grows together goes together! Using flavours from the same region will add to the authentic flavours of your sauce, and compliment each other perfectly.

Buon appetito! —Vita Daily


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