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3 Steps to Being More Vulnerable and Less of a Perfectionist

October 17, 2018

What comes up for you when you think of the word vulnerability? Being your boldest, most-confident self isn’t just about celebrating what’s awesome about you—although that’s hella important—it’s also about embracing your whole self. Your whole self is comprised of many different parts, including your strengths and weaknesses, the good and bad, and your light AND dark sides. We often try to hide what’s “bad” about us, which is crazy! We’re all human, and the sooner we accept that we weren’t made to be perfect, we were made to be whole, the sooner we’ll be able to own what makes us exceptional, as well.


Owning your WHOLE self, requires you to be brave, courageous and, you guessed it, vulnerable. But here’s the good news: accepting your shadow side, and owning your imperfections, gives you the power to be yourself, boldly, confidently and badassedly. Trust me on this one. It really works. And so, without further ado, here are three steps you can take right now to practice vulnerability:

step 1. Get a blank piece of paper and write down—openly and honestly—where you’re stuck in your life or business, and what you’ve been too afraid to do about it (because you’re scared that you won’t look perfect and polished).

step 2. GO DO IT, without anymore overthinking. Do what?! The thing you’ve been too afraid to do, of course!

step 3. Share with someone you love and trust. How was this experience for you? How do you feel about vulnerability now?

If you want to get unstuck, and start embracing your WHOLE self, let’s have a chat! I’m currently offering free, 30-minute breakthrough coaching sessions. Book your free breakthrough call now! —Tonia Mattu

Tonia Mattu is a certified life coach, author, founder of YUOLOGY, and creator of YuSchool: a six-week life design framework that teaches confidence and clarity in service of building a dream life. Read her full personal story (trust us, it’s incredible!), download her free 3-part Guided Visualization series or take advantage of a special fall registration price of just $99 per month for her game-changing six-week YuSchool course now! Learn much, much more at and @toniamattu_yuology.



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