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4 Mindful Activities to Do in Palm Springs

October 29, 2018

If you’re like uas, the idea of a vacation is somewhat frightening. We’re wary of spending time “relaxing” as the word sounds like a synonym for doing nothing. And when we’re not productive, we feel like a waste of space. We know we’re not alone in this. In our modern world, many of us value ourselves based on what we produce. What we can provide to our families, our companies, our society. Mindfulness is so popular these days for a reason. It’s in direct response to this unhealthy way of seeing ourselves. Knowing this, we decided to confront our fears and give Palm Springs a try, because it seemed like the perfect place to be isolated from the hustle-and-bustle we’re so used to. We found some amazing deals for Palm Springs house rentals and got set for a trip of luxury, self-care, and mindfulness.

palm springs

find yourself in the vast natural beauty. The adjective that best describes Palm Springs is “vast.” It is in the desert, after all. No matter where you are, and no matter how many upscale hotels there are around, you are sure to get a feel of just how big the world is. In our busy lives, we’re generally confined to a very contained world. It starts to seem like everything fits into a set of roads and buildings. Everything important in your life tends to happen there. But, in Palm Springs, you are forced to acknowledge that what we see of the world is so miniscule as to border on ridiculous. And this recognition is perfect for mindful growth. Learning to be mindful of the world takes seeing it for what it really is. You stop seeing yourself as the center of everything and you stop seeing your four corners with that tremendous urgency. Instead, you discover that the universe is just so vast that the constructs by which we define ourselves are ridiculously limited.

awareness in the hot springs. Of course, one of the highlights of Palm Springs is the hot springs themselves. The hot springs are usually portrayed as a sort of novelty and that is true to an extent. But what we gained from the hot springs was more than an experience to tick off our travel list. Much of mindful growth comes from feeling. Awareness of your own body and its sensations. We often get so lost in our minds that we forget to take in how our body feels. When we eventually do check in, it’s difficult to gauge what we’re feeling. We’re just so used to pushing those feelings to the back of our minds that finding them again takes work. Taking a soak in the hot springs at various spas gave us a visceral reminder of our physical presence. It was the jolt we needed to reconnect with our bodies. All the feelings we had been keeping hidden came rushing out. It was almost overwhelming, but the healing waters brought us back to our essential nature over and over again. Palm Springs has many great spa resorts where you can take full advantage of a soak in the springs.

check out human creations. People don’t generally think of human creations when they hear the term “mindfulness.” They see images of nature. Meditating in the vast outdoors, on top of a mountain, in a desert or a spring. But human creations are as real as natural wonders. In some ways, it can be easier to connect with them, seeing as we can appreciate the work that went into imagining and building them. Palm Springs introduced us to the fascinating world of architecture, as one of the hubs of modern architecture from the middle of the 20th century. We spent time taking it all in, appreciating the finer details, becoming acquainted with a ubiquitous art form.

connect with our fellow creatures. While it’s important not to lose perspective of who we are as human beings, animals can teach us a lot about ourselves. In some ways, they are the antidote to human striving. We spend all our time trying to achieve things, while animals just live. Unlike animals, humans can find a balance between doing and being. But we can learn the latter from them. We can simply watch them living their lives, oblivious to the fact that we’re even interested. They don’t care whether people are paying to see them or not. They’re not concerned about a legacy or about getting things done before they’re gone. It is almost surreal to think about. We cannot imagine simply being in such a complete way. And we don’t have to. Mindfulness tells us to just watch and connect. Acknowledge their way, even as it contrasts to our own.

Palm Springs has it all when it comes to a wellness vacation. We learned a lot from spending time alone in that vastness. It was the perfect place to become more aware of who we are and what we want in this life.


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