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Bea Good

November 8, 2018

As our social media feeds constantly remind us, our planet is basically headed for disaster due to carbon emissions, toxins in our oceans and other wasteful practices. For the average person, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done on a global scale. That’s why fearless leaders in the environmental movement are so important in breaking things down and providing us tangible ways to make a difference.


Vancouver’s first zero-waste grocer and retailer, The Soap Dispensary + Kitchen Staples, recently hosted international speaker and bestselling author of Zero Waste Home Bea Johnson at the Arts Club Theatre, where she charmed an eager crowd (including us!) with tales of her family-of-four’s environmentally impressive life. Christened “the Priestess of Waste-Free Living” by the New York Times, Bea is now able to fit the garbage her household produces each year into a single pint-size jar. While some changes seem daunting (like making our own mascara), most are pretty simple (like giving experiences for gifts and wrapping school lunches in a large piece of cloth). And besides helping to save the planet, she shares that this way of life comes with many other benefits—including financial savings, increased happiness and more time for what matters most to you whether it be travel, pursuing a new career or simply spending time with those you love.

Sign us up! —Rachel Johnston

Photo by Jacqui J. Sze


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