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5 Fab Face Tools

November 19, 2018

Skin-care products aside, whether you’re seeking anti-aging benefits, looking to clear up blemishes or simply wishing to give your face a refresh, these five fabulous for-at-home-use tools will do it all. —Mackenzie Shand

face tools

clarisonic device. A recent launch from Clarisonic—the Mia Smart 3-in-1 Connected Sonic Beauty Device—means cleansing your skin throughly, at home, has never been better, easier or more versatile. The tool results in visibly minimized pores, firmer-feeling contours and reduced appearance of eye puffiness (it even offers sold-separately applicators to assist in flawless makeup blending). The smartest part? It connects to an app that lets you upload customized, guided skin-care routines!

face tools

jade roller. We’ll warn you, once you start using this roller you’re sure to be hooked. While the healing powers of jade stone are said to date back centuries in Chinese culture, these beauty tools have recently re-emerged as a popular trend in the wellness world. Known for its activating and soothing properties, this dual-action Xiuyan Jade Roller from Province Apothecary will help improve circulation, reduce puffiness and smooth out the skin. It also, uniquely, includes a studded end to stimulate blood flow and reduce fine lines (not to mention, it looks beautiful resting on the bathroom counter!).

face tools

micro roller. While it’s long been a part of facialist routines, microneedling tools only recently became widely available for personal use. This one features a roll of tiny stainless-steel needles that gently roll along your skin. Using the device prior to applying products and serums is said to help open up the skin and allow for greater absorption. While it may look scary at first, most users have claimed it to be a pain-free experience. As always, consult your dermatologist in advance!

face tools

foreo cleansing brush. If you’ve yet to try this tool, your skin is in for a treat! This tiny device is built to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores and cleanse the face, all while removing up to 99.9 per cent of dirt and oil. Equipped with T-Sonic pulsation tech, the gentle silicon structure glides along the face to help prevent fine lines and build up. All you need is two minutes per day!

face tools

blue light acne pen. Finally, a quick, safe and easy way to clear up blemishes right at home. This Foreo Espada acne-clearing pen uses blue light and T-sonic pulsations to help zap away blemishes within 30 seconds. Simply place the device over a flaw, wait for the allotted time and move on to another spot. The device comes with 180 hours of power and can be recharged within an hour (that’s better than our smartphone!).


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