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Home Décor Trends That Will Be Big in 2019

December 28, 2018

Interior design trends may come and go, but we’ve got the scoop on home décor styles that will be hotter than hot—all thanks to Kathy Davey, IKEA’s head of communication and interior design in Canada. Find out what trends will be booming and how to ease them into your space seamlessly! —Isabel Ong


nordic design is making waves. “We see a big trend in favour of light woods and colours for a calm, harmonious look of dusty pastels, blond woods, and organic soft shapes.”


natural and neutral-coloured shades are huge. “Natural-coloured tones and textiles can make a small space appear more open and airy, and can promote a feeling of calm and tranquility. Textiles also help promote some personalization in the home. They’re easy to change and add softness and comfort to a room.”


sustainability is sexy. “IKEA offers products made from responsibly sourced materials, recycling solutions throughout the home, indoor and outdoor plants and growing solutions, water-saving taps and LED lighting and smart lighting solutions for larger energy savings. You can also use textiles and window coverings to help reduce energy consumption by keeping out the cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Consider a second life for existing furniture and accessories, like painting your chest of drawers, putting on new handles or converting an old curtain into a table cloth or cushion cover.”


multi-functional furniture is cool (very cool). “With urbanization, our homes are getting smaller, and negotiating our own individual spaces is at an all-time high. Using pieces that can be used in multiple ways means it doesn’t have to take up precious space. For example, the BRIMNES day bed ($299) has many uses: it can be a sofa, it can sleep one to two people comfortably and it has drawers for additional storage of bed lines it seasonal items.”


how to incorporate on-trend décor elements. “When working with trends, it’s easiest when you work with existing large furniture pieces you already have. Add home-furnishing accessory pieces—smaller items that cost less and are easy to change when the next trend comes along. For example, textiles are easy to swap between seasons, so you can work with cushions, duvet covers and curtains. It’s also possible to change your wall colour or add an accent wall to change up the look of your space and bring in a new look and feel."


must-have items from IKEA’s 2019 catalogue. “The new HEKTAR work lamp ($80) is a beautiful design and can fit with many people’s styles in their homes. Another fantastic feature is that it has integrated charging in the base, so you can wirelessly charge your phone without looking for cords and a free outlet! A few other favourites include the new SANDARED pouffe (from $70), the STRANDMON children’s armchair ($129), the BJORKSNAS five-drawer chest ($349) and the EKENASET armchair ($299).”


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