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Golden Globes How-To: Lady Gaga

January 7, 2019

Loved Lady Gaga’s look at this year’s Golden Globes? You’re in luck! Joico artist Frederic Aspiras shares how he got this the A Star is Born actress red-carpet ready! —Vita Daily

lady gaga

step 1. Used Joico Blonde Life Lightner to create the brilliant blonde.

step 2. Used Joico Semi Permanent Color Intensity in Sky and Rose.

step 3. Mixed together with the Clear Mixer to make the Cerulean Blue.

step 4. To style, I used the Joico Blonde Life Brightening Veil throughout.

step 5. I then combed through the hair with the Wide tooth GHD comb. I then used a one-inch Round Boar Bristle Brush and GhD "Air" blow-dryer on high heat and medium speed to dry the hair. I then ran the GHD Platinum + throughout the hair to create a smooth finish.

step 6. I sprayed Joico’s Body Shake throughout.

step 7. I then used a GHD Boar Bristle paddle brush to sweep the hair up into ponytail. I wrapped a D twist hair into a half bun, leaving the end of the hair out and parted to each side of her head. I then wrapped the ends of the hair around the 1-1/2 GHD curling iron to create long lasting curl.

step 8. I finished by spraying Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray.


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