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Top Sound Meditations Around Vancouver

February 6, 2019

From crystal sound healing, to shamanic journeying to gong baths, there are a lot of sound meditation experiences—a beautiful option for those who are seeking a meditative experience but may not be comfortable with total silence—to be discovered around Vancouver. (Bonus: these gathering are a chance to connect with like-minded community.)

sound meditation

kirtan: enchant. This is Vancouver’s most popular Kirtan, holding a monthly community gathering of call and response chanting, also known as Kirtan, a type of music meditation. The practice of Kirtan, or Mantra Meditation, stems from a yoga tradition which is said to provide many mind-calming benefits. This practice is said to have a powerful heart-opening effect. It’s best understood through direct experience. The group chanting is accompanied by traditional instruments such as the Harmonium, Mridanga (drum) and Kartals (hand cymbals). This is a beautiful community, and definitely worth exploring if you love the mysterious sounds of Indian music. There are gathering on the second Saturday and last Saturday of every month.

shamanic journey sound immersions. Angela Prider, a.k.a., Little Bird of West Coast Shamanic, hosts regular sound journey and shamanic meditations around the Lower Mainland. She calls these events a practical path into a sacred life. Angela has studied with many indigenous traditions and modalities and brings a range of healing techniques and shamanic practices to her work. Expect a highly sensory experience with a wide range of sounds, smells and even touch as she comes by to offer rosewater on your hands, and sometimes to sing to specific people during the meditation. Her next event is at Heart Quest on Commercial Drive.

intimate sound meditation + energy healing. Part guided meditation part sound journey and part energy healing, this bi-monthly group meeting at Liberate Your True Self in Port Moody provides an opportunity to explore a sound journey meditation and dip your toes into energy healing in a small group setting. Led by Amelie St-Pierre, listen to throat chanting music while you receive a short guided meditation, followed by an hour of silence while Amelie does an energy clearing for each person. At the end of the meditation, she will share personal insights with each person who attends, if you’re comfortable having your energy reading shared in a group setting. Check out the next two events February 20th and March 20th.

breathwork + sacred sound circle. We’ve been hearing great things about these events at Yoga Union in Delta B.C. Breathwork combined with sound meditation is meant to offer a transformative experience of self-awareness. In many traditions, the breath is held to be the best guide for inner peace and transformation, and these events are an opportunity to explore how your own breath can lead you into deeper peace and relaxation.

Monica Krake is founder of Head + Heart, a mindful calendar that helps people discover events and teachers to support their journeys. Follow on Instagram or Facebook.


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