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Women’s Shaving Redefined (Win! A Well Kept Prize Pack!)

February 20, 2019

Well Kept is one of those Canadian companies we just can’t help but admiring. In their mission to overhaul women’s shaving products, business partners Natalie and Emilie did a fair amount of legwork and came up with products that are not only gorgeous to look at, but simple, natural and effective! We chatted with Natalie about Well Kept (and her personal favourite way to shave)—and are giving you a chance to win a beautiful safety razor kit of your very own! —Noa Nichol

well kept

Hi Natalie! Tell us a bit about yourself, your business partner and Well Kept.

Emilie’s background is in design and mine is in sustainability and marketing. We’ve been friends for ages and have super-similar tastes and beliefs. Over the last little while we’ve both been assessing and adjusting the products we buy, use and consume, trying to align them with our values. We were looking for simple products, with natural ingredients and appealing aesthetics. Emilie was replacing everything in her bathroom and got stuck on not being able to find an alternative for her plastic, baby-blue razor. We started chatting and quickly picked up on the fact that, while men had many shaving options, women were very limited (despite potentially spending more time wielding their razors over various terrain).

That said, what is Well Kept and how does it aim to redefine women’s shaving?

We created Well Kept after a lot of research and product testing into various shaving products for men and women. We want to provide a superior, more sustainable alternative for women’s shaving. We want women to take the time to enjoy shaving with natural, sustainable, quality products, as well as create a space where women can speak openly about things that aren’t usually talked about: hair (leg, armpit and everywhere else), “self-care” myths, plastic waste, beauty product ingredients. Creating a community has been one of the most rewarding parts of this process.

Tell us about your range of products.

The safety razor is our staple product, and along the way we have created more products to go with the shaving experience, from shave oil to soaking salts and exfoliating cloths. We source local, natural ingredients (organic whenever possible), and produce everything ourselves.

A Well Kept razor versus a disposable drug store razor: break down the difference for us.

Our razors include one sharp blade, which provides a close shave while reducing irritation, and this blade is recyclable and cost just 70 cents each to replace. Our razors also have a weighted brass handle that’s made to work well and last a lifetime—not to mention, they come gorgeous colours and finishes like cream, dusty rose and matte black! A standard disposable razor, on the other hand, usually has two to five blade cartridges; the first couple blade cut the hair and the next take a layer of skin off, causing more irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Replacement blades can be expensive, up to $7 each, and, worst of all, these products are made to be disposable, adding to more plastic waste in our landfills.

We remember an early Oprah “aha” moment, when a guest told her women shouldn’t be shaving their legs against but, rather, with the hair growth (her mind was literally blown). What are your top tips for the smoothest, best shave?

Yes! This is totally true to prevent irritation when shaving. Other top tips include letting your legs soak for three to six minutes to allow your hairs and follicles to expand, making the shave a lot more efficient. There is a time limit to the soak; after 20 minutes of soaking, your skin becomes more swollen and wrinkly making the shave a lot more difficult. Also, we prefer to use shave oil because it hydrates as you shave and means you can walk out of the shower without having to moisturize. Plus all natural ingredients are better for your skin and the environment! Finally, replace your blade every five to seven shaves; yes that seems like a lot, but when you use a dull razor you apply more pressure which then causes more irritation to the skin.

Personal question: shower or bath shave?

To be honest I’m a “side of the tub” shaver! I prefer to sit on the side of the tub with a little bit of water in the bottom of the tub. I find this saves more water than shaving in the shower, lets me relax for a minute and take the time to do a proper shave. Plus, I like to fully, fully enjoy my bath time with a good book, candles and salts!

Win! A Well Kept Prize Pack!

We have a winner! Congratulations to Erin S. of Vancouver, who won a $94 Well Kept safety razor kit including a safety razor, shave oil, exfoliating cloth and blades!


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