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February 27, 2019

While we could do without the wind-chapped faces and slippery sidewalks, there’s no denying the beauty of winter with glimmering frozen ponds, icicled foliage and dancing snowflakes to gawk at. Combined with plenty of cosy time indoors, we’re thinking it’s a perfect time to experiment makeup-wise and, luckily, Revlon is offering up all the goods with its latest trend report, Mythical Light. Below, Revlon beauty expert Sabrina Rinaldi tells us how to achieve this ethereal look! —Rachel Johnston


Hi Sabrina! Describe the Mythical Light trend for us.

Mythical Light is a play on metallic and shimmering textures such as reflective pearl and translucent luminosity. It is light and airy with a touch of iridescence pink and violet hues at its core. Think holographic highlighters and high-shine glosses.

And what makes it ideal for the winter months?

In the winter months we tend to be paler and the cool-toned colours in the Mythical Light look work with the iciness of winter. Dewy effects and iridescent finishes can help liven up winter skin by adding light to it.


What are some ways we can achieve the look and which products do you recommend?

For a look like this, a flawless canvas is a must! Start by using the Revlon ColorStay Foundation to even out skin tone. Next start blending together various cool toned shades of eyeshadow on the eyes. Make sure to blend one colour into the next for a seamless finish. This isn’t a look about graphic shapes or contrasting eye liner. I am really loving the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Contour Kit in Watercolours for this look. All the shades of this palette complement one another. Continue the look by highlighting and washing more iridescent colours along the upper cheek bones and the cheeks. I love all the fun and shimmery shades in the Revlon PhotoReady Highlighting Palette in Galaxy Dream. Finish this look with a coat of Volumizing mascara in brown or black and swipe a tint of colour along the lips with the Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint. The sheerness of the lip tint plays well with the soft hues and tones on the face.


Can you share some tips on using highlighter? We always fumble when it comes to this step!

Highlighter is such a fun product to wear but how you wear it is key. First, the texture is important. Creamy vs powder. Cream highlighters are great for those with drier skin or if there are signs of aging around the eyes. Cream products tend to be lighter than powder products and will give a subtler glow. For more impact or for those with oily skin, a powder is a great choice. You should apply your highlighter just in the area out-side of the eye and above where you put your blush. This is your upper cheek bone. You can also run it down the centre of your nose, along the cupids bow and even on your chin if you really want to amp up that glow!


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