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Top 5 Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2019

March 5, 2019

If your spring cleaning plans include renovations or upgrades to your kitchen or laundry room, it’s important to keep track of what’s new and improved in the world of appliances. Design trends bring inspiration while advances in technology can result in improved efficiency, and more intuitive and consumer-friendly products. Here are a few of the biggest appliances trends we’re seeing for 2019. —Kristina Matisic

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colour in your kitchen. After years of seeing bright white kitchens in magazines, Instagram, and on Pinterest, coloured-cabinetry is becoming increasing popular. While any colour goes—from light blue to red to black—we are seeing a strong emphasis on jewel tones. Paired with gold hardware and lighting fixtures, it can create a bold, contemporary look. (Brass hardware is also making a big comeback.)
Stainless-steel appliances will likely never go out of style, but the colour trend is seeping into kitchen appliances, too. SMEG led the charge with its retro-styling and candy-coloured hues, but now other appliance companies are following suit. We’re seeing everything from richly-hued hood fans to brightly coloured ovens and fridges. If you’re looking to incorporate colour into your kitchen appliances we suggest keeping the cabinetry neutral. If you’re reading to make a bolder choice, think about washing the entire space in one statement-making colour.

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integrated appliances and minimalism. Blame it on Marie Kondo, but the world seems to be increasingly interested in sleeker, minimalist living. Fridges and dishwashers that are hidden behind clever cabinetry are a popular way to give kitchens a more modern look. Induction stoves have been on the market for some time but they’re becoming even more popular amongst those who are looking to bring minimalism into their spaces. With technological changes and mechanical improvements, hood fans can now be tucked away as well. And smaller doesn’t mean less effective: many fans now come on automatically and are as powerful and effective as industrial models.

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under-counter appliances. Ovens and dishwashers have long lived below the countertop but, now, other appliances are taking the low road as well. Microwaves situated above stove tops or on countertops can seem like an eyesore to some. Tucking them below the countertop can create clear sight lines and free up much needed counter space. “In busy urban centers, there are people who live alone and don’t find themselves cooking very often. In a small condo, why waste space with a full-scale fridge when a smaller, under-the-counter one will provide sufficient room for those staples,” says Coast Appliances specialist Greg Purgavie. And who says it needs to be either/or? Insteading of adding a full-sized fridge to your basement, bar areas or garage, we are also seeing families add under-counter fridges to supplement their full-sized models.

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digital technology. From fridges with tablets so you can watch your favourite cooking show while you cook to interior fridge cameras so you can view what you need while shopping at the grocery to Wi-Fi-enabled washer-dryers that can be operating remotely, technology is making it easier and more convenient to catch up on household chore. For example, the Samsung Family Hub allows you to turn your kitchen into a real command centre. Create shopping lists and see inside the fridge with three built-in cameras—a great way to check expiration dates, and see what you’re running low on, right from the grocery store. Share calendars, photos, and notes directly to the screen, and stream music and videos all to your fridge. Following along with Jamie Oliver has never been easier!

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health-forward appliances. The movement toward healthy eating is here to stay and we’re seeing select kitchen appliances gain in popularity in order to support the trend. Number one on this list, steam ovens. In addition to being a great way to augment oven space, food cooked in a steam oven retains moisture better than that cooked in a traditional or convection oven. Steaming food is also a good way to retain vitamins and minerals that can be compromised in other cooking methods. This year we’ll also see a rise in built-in vacuum sealers that integrate with the overall kitchen design. These new sealers promise to seal down to so-called “absolute zero”, ensuring that food stays fresher for longer, all without compromising nutritional composition.


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