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Super Stylin’ Scrunchies

April 9, 2019

After their peak (read: the ’80s and ’90s) scrunchies were considered embarassingly outdated (remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie makes fun of her boyfriend for referencing a scrunchie, saying that no self-respecting New Yorker would ever be caught dead in a one?). Well, nothing proves that fashion is cyclical more than the fact that this fabric hair accessory is more popular than ever, with multiple brands dedicated to releasing seasonal "scrunchie collections". —Vicki Duong


swim ready. Made with the leftover fabric after producing their swimwear line, Fenntessa scrunchies ($8) are not only good for the planet, but play well with water. Since these are made of swimsuit material, they’re breathable and meant to be in water (you won’t have to worry about ruining them while taking a dip). Buy them to match your swimsuit and have your full monochromatic moment in the sun.


silky sensations. Perfect for those with fragile hair, Slip offers scrunchie trios ($53 at Sephora) in its signature Slipsilk fabric (the same stuff the brand’s eye masks and pillowcases are made of). This silky fabric helps combat bedhead and creases (so feel free to wear these suckers to bed) while being ultra-gentle on your tresses. Bonus: Slip scrunchies are designed to reduce annoying ridges caused by regular hair elastics, and the fabric is gentle on sleepers that may toss and turn.


pretty patterns. There is something to be said about the patterned scrunchie—an accessory meant to be incorporated as part of your outfit (read: not just another hair tie). Chelsea King scrunchies ($20) come in a variety of high-quality fabrics with prints that promise to elevate your overall look. Our favourites: the terrycloth stripe and striped seersucker.


get a grip. Need a hair tie with a bit more staying power? Try Invisibobbles’ Sprunchie ($10): a spiral ring meets scrunchie (our fave is the leopard print)! With a spiral hair ring at its core (instead of an elastic) it retains its shape better while providing no-slip grip to keep your top knot purrfectly in place.


statement piece. Jason Mamoa famously wore a pink velvet Fendi scrunchie as a wrist accessory to the 2019 Academy Awards, causing the Internet to scrunch-plode. Made to match his velvet suit, this bold fashion choice was a favourite among fans—further proving that not only can men wear pink, but scrunchies, too (man bun anyone?). While it doesn’t seem like Fendi will be adding scrunchies to its collections any time soon, Bunhead does make a rose velvet edition ($16) if you’re looking to recreate your own red-carpet look.


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