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Canada’s Chicest Easter Treats

April 14, 2019

Full disclosure: we wait each year with baited breath for Cadbury to release its Creme Eggs (and stock up on them when it happens). Still, we realize that there are, ahem, "more elevated" Easter treats to be had. This Easter, stock up on the following cream-of-the-crop goodies from makers across Canada (and leave the Creme Eggs to us!). —Vita Daily


vancouver: temper pastry unicorn chocolate egg. Steven Hodge is a wizard with chocolate, and this Easter he’s outdone himself. Snag a limited-edition Unicorn Chocolate Egg (white chocolate filled with mini eggs and truffle eggs)—but hurry, only 20 will be created in all!


calgary: designer eggs from the chocolate lab. With each of these gorgeous eggs ($39 each) designed by hand, no two are alike. Cast in a delicious dark chocolate blend, these beauties are decorated in such themes as Watercolours, Pop Culture and Jackson Pollock Vibes and can be shipped across the country.


edmonton: bunnies from the violet chocolate co. Well, if this isn’t just the sweetest bunny we ever did see! But, before you put it in the "too cute to eat" category, consider the fact that it’s made from delicious dark or milk chocolate and comes in three sizes: small, medium and large (from $5).


toronto: disco bunnies from cxbo. This T.O. shop has given old Peter Cottontail a groovy makeover! In milk or dark chocolate, each Disco Bunny ($9) is hand-painted with vegan, pigmented cocoa butter.


montreal: les chocolats des chloe’s big hen. When one considers which came first, we’d happily agree it was the chicken—if she was made of chocolate! This Big Hen ($16) comes in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate and holds three equally delicious small eggs inside her belly. Have her delivered right to your nest!


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