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Bath Bombs x 30

April 25, 2019

It’s a big birthday for one of our favourite bathtime treats: 30 years ago, Lush co-founder Mo Constantine invented the iconic range of fizzers we know, love and can’t imagine our baths without, and, to celebrate, the beauty brand has launched its biggest bath bomb collection ever, with 54 new beauties ready to brighten up any tub.


Among the range: some brand-new formulas and others resurrected from deep within the Lush archives, with an innovative new look. From the Bom Perignon (a bathtime cocktail of mood-boosting grapefruit and tangerine oils) to the Ginger Ninja (Sicilian red mandarin and bergamot oil, plus warming ginger) to the Turmeric Latte (chocolate, coffee and vanilla swirl, coconut milk powder and turmeric), there are physical and mental benefits to each of these beauties we can’t wait to soak up.

Happy Bathday to us all! —Noa Nichol


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