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June Influencer: Viranlly Liemena

June 1, 2019

This June, we’re honouring men by chatting with some of our favourite male bloggers, influencers and content creators (and getting their top gift picks for dads!). —Vita Daily


Hi Viranlly! Tell us a little bit about you and what do you do!

I’m a Vancouver-based photographer, plant-dad and carbs and cocktail enthusiast. I get around town photographing beautiful people, places (mostly restaurants and bars) and things—well, mostly food and drinks. I also spend a lot of time watching bon appetit’s videos and hosting dinner parties ha! Oh! I also double as a home bartender some nights 😉

How do you use your platform to impact others who follow you?

Mostly providing insights on where to wine and dine, or what to cook for weeknight dinners!

What’s your personal style mantra?

Don’t try too hard!

Father’s Day is coming up, and dads have a reputation of being “difficult to buy for”; do you think this is true and what sort of gift do you think most men could or would really appreciate (or, do you have some advice when it comes to getting gifts for guys)?

Buying gifts for anyone can get tricky, really. For the men in your life, I feel like they will appreciate something with a personal touch—think of monograming, personalized scent, etc. Not that I know anything about men … HA!

What will you be getting/doing for your dad for Father’s Day?

My dad is back home in Indonesia soooo it will be a phone call and a text showing him the new Le Labo bottle I got for him, for me.

All that said, give us your top top top gift pick for guys!

You can’t go wrong with Japanese whisky—it’s almost a necessity to have a decent bottle at home. Hibiki Harmony is a great place to start if you’re new to this category: delicious, versatile and reasonably priced.

Follow Viranlly on Instagram and on his blog.


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