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5 Key Cleansing Tips (Win! 1 of 3 Olay Prize Packs!)

June 6, 2019

The majority of skin-care regimens, long or short, start with a cleanser—and, while the cleansing process may seem simple, there are some key tips and tricks that you may not know about. Here, a few things to take into consideration in order to achieve beautiful glowing skin, courtesy of our friends at Olay! —Vita Daily


switch it up based on your skin-care needs. A recent study by Olay uncovered that millennials have the highest level of sebum than any other age group. In other words, they need a cleanser that will deeply clean and draw out excess oil without leaving skin feeling dry as a result. With a unique formula of natural-bead micropolishers and hydrators, Olay Whip Cleansers work to remove oil and dirt without leaving skin feeling dry or stripped, as most cleansers do.

choose a cleanser with benefits. Both variations of Olay’s new Whip Cleansers—Regenerist and Total Effects—are formulated with vitamin B3, which is the most multi-tasking vitamin! This superstar ingredient is the most multitasking vitamin, helping to improve skin’s resilience, hydration, skin tone and smoothness while also boosting cell turnover and helping to restore skin’s appearance to a more youthful level.

let it soak. Slowing down and allowing the cleanser to work into your skin before rinsing helps to break up oils and sebum to better lift out the dirt from your skin.

don’t overdo it. A gentle massage is far more effective than a hard scrub. In this case, less is more. Olay principal scientist, Dr. Frauke Neuser, also notes that “aggressive scrubbing can damage the skin barrier, which can cause irritation and lead to even drier skin.”

not just for the face. Cleansers should be used on your neck, chest and shoulders as these are all areas of our bodies that are most prone to build up.

Win! 1 of 3 Olay Prize Packs!

We have three winners! Congratulations Samantha C. of Burnaby, B.C., Sharon D. of Windsor, Ontario, and Giselle A. of Toronto, each of whom won an Olay Whip Cleansers prize pack, including both cleanser versions!


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