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3 Sunscreens for Men

June 11, 2019

Men and women have different skin- and body-care needs, and men not only need sun protection but also a sunscreen that is right for them. Whether they’re athletic, travelling or just goofing around with the kiddos, these sunscreens for men have got them covered—from head to toe. —Jennifer Cox

sunscreen for men

kiehl’s facial fuel uv guard spf 50. Kiehl’s high-level SPF broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection ($45 at Saks Fifth Avenue) guards men from daily damage and premature aging, and provides maximum protection from UVA rays, which cause 90 per cent of skin’s aging. Caffeine and vitamins C and E energize and invigorate tired and dull skin.

clinique broad spectrum spf 21 moisturizer. Clinique’s dual-purpose moisturizer ($35 at Sephora) provides essential hydration plus SPF 21 daily UV sunscreen protection. Applied after shaving, it hydrates and soothes skin while improving its overall condition. Great for all guys’ skin types.

shiseido ultra sun protection lotion. Here is a high-protection sunscreen ($49 at Hudson’s Bay) with a completely clear finish that becomes stronger when you come in contact with water or perspiration. Swim, play and enjoy the outdoors, knowing your sunscreen loves water as much as you do.


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