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Summer-Loving Skin!

June 20, 2019

Vegan, gluten- and GMO-free, we’re counting on Lotus Aroma to bring our skin back to life after a looong winter! Here are our favourite summer must-have products from this lovely Quebec-based brand, which specializes in phyto-aromatic products like multipurpose essential oils, skin care, body care, massage oils and scents for the home. Each product is made with pure essential oils and very little water (they use bases of aloe and floral water instead!), so you get gentle formulas that still pack the powerful potency of essential oils. Lotus Aroma is available at drugstores and specialty wellness stores across Canada. —Vita Daily

lotus aroma

gel for heavy and tired legs ($20). After a morning run or a long flight to or from your fave vacation spot, this gel delivers a soothing, cooling effect to help your muscles relax. Pure essential pepperminh, cypress, lemon and camphor oils ease, tone and improve microcirculation.

arnica gel ($21). This baby’s near-100 per cent natural formula delivers a comforting, warming action to help relieve muscles and joint of aches and pains, back aches, strains and sprains and even arthritis. Don’t pack your hiking bag without it!

deodorant roll on ($15). Summer heat equals sweat—here’s one of our personal favourite Lotus Aroma products! This 24-hour roll-on deodorant is highly effective against odour and perspiration. Aromatic and aluminum-free, its gentle formula provides immediate protection to keep you fresh and smellin’ fine all day long!

peat mud & kaolin facial mask ($20). This mask’s creamy, non-drying texture is perfect for refreshing, nourishing and hydrating the skin after a day out in the summer sun. Peat mud, with its organic compounds, ands kaolin, boasting exceptional absorbent properties, also prevent and reduce signs of aging.

draining exfoliating cream ($34). Lotus Aroma’s Draining Exfoliating Cream restores skin’s softness and suppleness for a younger, more toned appearance. Micro-beads of crushed olive pits and Indian bamboo thoroughly and gently exfoliate the skin, stimulating microcirculation and accelerating the removal of toxins. Bonus: pure lime essential oil warms, tones and relaxes the skin.


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