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Summer Thirst Quenched

July 8, 2019

Summertime and the sipping is easy, thanks to a bevy of, well, bevvies by Coca-Cola (think Fresca Sparkling Soda Water, vitaminwater and smartwater sparkling flavours) to quench our thirst at every warm-weather occasion, from patio to beach to cottage, all season long! Read all about ’em below and pick your fave (or be like us and try them all)! —Vita Daily

coca cola

Fresca Sparkling Soda Water. These drinks represent a new twist on the Fresca we all know and love. Lightly flavoured sparkling soda water beverages, they boast a hint of natural fruit flavours and are unsweetened, with zero sugar and, of course, zero calories. Best of all, they come in three summer-worthy flavours: Peach Citrus, Grapefruit Citrus and Black Cherry Citrus (talk about spoilt for choice!).

vitaminwater. Looking for water with a bucketful of extra benefits? Canada’s number 1 enhanced water beverage, vitaminwater, boasts great-tasting natural flavours (eight regular varieties and four with zero sugar) that offer different and unique functions from the vitamins and nutrients, with 0 – 130 calories in each bottle. All vitaminwater flavours contain 100 per cent of your daily value of vitamin C, with vitaminwater squeezed being an excellent source of vitamin C and B vitamins and zinc. Our personal fave: vitaminwater xxx, with antioxidants, vitamin C and E. And, this summer, watch for a brand-new look across vitaminwater’s rainbow of flavours!

smartwater sparkling flavours. New sparkling flavours—strawberry blood orange, fuji apple pear and, our fave, raspberry rose—mark smartwater’s first flavoured offerings (yay!). Each blend has been created using premium ingredients to create an exotic flavour combo unlike any other on the market—or in your cooler!


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