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Get Summer Set With Silk’n (Win! A $739 Silk’n Prize Pack!)

July 23, 2019

Our friends at Silk’n sure know how to get skin set once the warm weather hits! With two incredible (and easy to use) devices—the Silk’n Silhouette ($289) and Silk’n Infinity ($450)—you can get toned and glowing summer skin at home in a snap. Here’s how:


body countouring. Ditch the bronzer at the beach. The Silk’n Silhouette is a body-contouring device that adds definition beneath the surface, improving skin elasticity and texture. Using LED light therapy, radio frequency and IR heat, this beauty tool rejuvenates the skin by promoting collagen production, increasing cell renewal, eliminating fat cells and upping blood circulation. Paired with a healthy, active lifestyle, the Silk’n Silhouette can define and firm your skin, so you can feel comfortable in even the shortest of shorts!


bye-bye hair. Say goodbye to painful waxing and razor bumps during bikini season. The Silk’n Infinity offers permanent at-home hair removal via a quartz bulb that delivers an optical pulse into the hair shaft. This light enery is absorbed by the hair pigment and then transformed into heat, targeting the hair follicle so it won’t grow back. The best part? The process, using the amazing Silk’n Infinity, is virtually pain free!


a facial for your body. Most of us take care of our face with a dedicated (and pricey!) skin-care routine, but what about the rest of our skin? Don’t forget, your body also deserves to be pampered this summer, and the Silk’n Silhouette and Silk’n Infinity can help us do just that, in the comfort of our homes! —Vita Daily

Win! A $739 Silk’n Prize Pack!

We have a winner! Congratulations Zenia I. of Brampton, Ontario, who won a $739 Silk’n prize pack, including both devices mentioned above!


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