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Jawara’s Easy Breezy Twist Set

August 12, 2019

With two new attachments—a wide tooth comb and gentle air dryer—now available for the Dyson Supersonic, the number of hairstyles we can create at home has just been upped! Here, tips on how to create an easy breezy twist set from NYC stylist Jawara. Dry goods indeed! —Vita Daily


step 1. On really wet hair, part a section of hair and gently detangle it using a paddle brush

step 2. Smooth in your styling product, whether a curl cream or light oil.

step 3. Two-stand twist each section while you’re twisting into a coil-like a rope.

step 4. Fold the rope section into a small bull, then cover the balled section with the Dyson Gentle Air attachment for about 2-5 minutes

step 5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until your entire head is done, then untwist each section for gorgeous, frizz-free curls.


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