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Things You Can Buy if You Win the Mega-Millions Lotto

August 20, 2019

Playing the game of Mega-Millions can make you very rich. You may win a small pot of $40 million or hit a massive jackpot of hundreds of millions. Mega-Millions is played in various locations. The drawings take place twice per week. Many times, people purchase the $2 ticket on the spur of the moment and never give it another thought. They put the ticket in their pocket or purse and go on about their business. If that ticket hits, they are winners. But, if they do not remember to check it and the prize goes unclaimed, the prize gets higher for the next game. For this article, we will use the figure $200 million to see what you can buy if you win the Mega-Million Lotto.


take a trip to outer space! Could there be anything cooler than being shot into outer space to see the International Space Shuttle? People are putting down heavy deposits to be on the SpaceX heavy rocket. The cost to make the journey is between $50 and $65 million.

buy your own private island. Buying a private island is not as unusual as you may think. But buying a beautiful private island in a beautiful part of the world where tropical weather awaits you every day is a bit tougher. If you find an island that carries a price tag of $100,000 or less, you might want to look again. It may be that the island is in an area that does not allow you to develop the land or to build upon it. It may be in an area that gets slammed with storms several months each year. Our advice: look to the Bahamas or the South Pacific. Johnny Depp owns a private island in the Bahamas that he purchased for $3.6 million. Eddy Murphy bought his Bahama paradise for $15 million.

the 273.84-carat centenary diamond. In 1905 during a routine maintenance check at the Premier Mine a worker noticed a shiny stone in the cave wall. What he had found was the world’s largest diamond. Before the diamond was cut, it was 3,106 carats. After cutting, the large diamond weighs 273.84 carats and has an estimated value of $100 million. Don’t underestimate the Mega-Millions or Powerball games. There have been many jackpots that have gone well over $500 million and some have even gone over a billion dollars.

first class flights for life. American Airlines will gladly sell you a flight card called the AAirline card that will allow you to fly as much as you want in first-class comfort for the rest of your life. The price is only $250,000. Your Mega-Millions Jackpot will easily cover tickets for you and your partner.

millions of miscellanea. There are plenty of luxuries that you may have not considered. Maybe turning your basement into a luxury emergency shelter, or having the latest cell phone coated in 24-karat gold. Maybe you want to make sure you always have the latest luxury watch, jewelry and automobile so you arrange to rent them every year. No one wants to be “last season”; Mega-Millions has made a lot of people rich.

give your family unique holiday gifts. How would you like to give your son a killer whale or a black bear for his holiday gift? Maybe your daughter would like a crafty little red fox, or grandpa would like to fill his yard with bison. OK, this is not an extravagant gift. In fact, anyone can make these purchases. Adopt An Animal at the Canadian Wildlife Federation. The gift comes with a stuffed animal in the species of your choice, and adoption certificate and the money goes to Federation to protect and help these animals to stay healthy. It would be a great way to spend your $200 million—or, at least, a portion of it.

There you have it. Your Mega-Million Jackpot. Start making your list now; who knows, your numbers could match this week! Make sure you are ready.


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