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Fall Fragrance Haul

August 26, 2019

How do we know that fall (and, by default, winter and the holiday season) is in the air? Easy: we take note of the number of new fragrances that are being launched (it happens with every change of season). Here, some of the new scents we can’t wait to spritz on as the weather cools off. —Vita Daily


coach floral blush. Inspired by the brand’s signature tea roses, this fragrance evokes citrus, pink peppercorn and pineapple sorbet alongside a bouquet of rose tea, jasmine sambac and gardenia. Its dry-down to elegant creamy wood, patchouli and musky notes are perfect for autumn wear.


prada candy night. This new EDP is sensual and addictive—think vibrant, fresh notes of neroli and iris, countered with notes of bitter orange, with heart notes of tonka bean and vanilla, chocolate and patchouli. Sounds like a holiday party to us!


carolina herrera x karli kloss good girl dot drama. This limited-edition collab comes in that signature stiletto bottle, only polka-dotted and signed by KK. Inside: an innovative fragrance meant to capture a woman’s wondrous complexity with surprising and exceptional ingredients.


gucci mémoire d’une odeur. This gender-bending scent includes a romantic ingredient: grown around Rome in terraced gardens since the 16th and 17th centuries, Roman chamomile blends its green aromatic scent with Indian coral jasmine, a flower known for releasing a more powerful scent at night.


dior sauvage. Here’s one for the guys. Sauvage is a creation inspired by wide-open spaces: "an ozone-blue sky sprawled above a rocky landscape, white-hot beneath the desert sun". (Translation: bergamot and an ambergris derivative, for a powerfully woody trail.)


valentino donna born in roma. What do three kinds of jasmine, vanilla bourbon (the most expensive extract in the world) and modern wood make? A fragrance that was unmistakably and proudly born in Rome, inspired by the architecture and street culture there.


yves saint laurent libre. French floral lavender, orange blossom from Morocco—this brand-new fragrance is inspired by a strong, bold woman experimenting her freedom extremely.


kenzo world power. The tone of the times is now a scent. A tribute to diversity and freedom, this EDP boasts notes of cypress, seal salt and tonka bean (a total absence of floral notes is very unique in the fragrance world) and celebrates the originality, confidence and audacity of the modern woman.


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