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Green Goods

September 6, 2019

Picks that prove sustainable can be stylish. —Vita Daily

go green

h2o to go. Refillable and reusable is really the only way to go when it comes to toting drinks. SodaStream’s new (and more-compact) My Only Bottle ($16) comes in two models (loop and sport) and lets you take the brand’s sustainable, sparkling bevvies with you—everywhere.

go green

up cycle. Nespresso’s collab with Vélosophy has born a stylish bike ($1,850) made from used aluminum coffee capsules. The very limited-edition RE:CYCLE in bright purple (a nod to Nespresso’s popular Arpeggio coffee) boasts a basket, capsule-shaped bell and, for every bike sold, another is given to a schoolgirl in Africa to improve her access to education.

go green

in the bag. No excuse to leave the house without a reusable tote; Baggu makes beautiful bags in all shapes and sizes, like this bestseller ($15 at Indigo) that holds several plastic grocery bag’s worth of stuff and folds into a flat pouch (it’s made from 40 per cent recycled nylon sourced from pre-consumer waste, to boot).

go green

cuppa good. The Stojo Biggie Cup makes it easy to be more sustainable. Collapse it, toss it in your bag and tote it around town. It’s environmentally friendly, can be easily cleaned and comes in a tonne of colours, too.

go green

face time. Why bottle things up when some products are perfect in the buff? Naked facial oil bars by Lush (from $13) come with benefits for all skin types—and without the usual packaging waste.

go green

close shave. Not only does Well Kept’s safety razor ($68) provide a smooth shave and reduce irritation, its solid-brass handle is made to last, reducing the plastic waste generated by disposables.

go green

it’s a wrap. Skip the Saran and go natural when it comes to food storage. Abeego beeswax wrap protects and breathes like nature’s peels and rinds to preserve edibles longer than you’ve ever imagined, and without plastic waste.

go green

brush up. Brush Naked produces toothbrushes with handles made of 100 per cent bamboo, and nylon, plant-based and charcoal bristle options to keep you smiling.

go green

hair care. Unwrapped Life shampoo bars come “naked” (without single-use plastic packaging) and provide up to 75 washes with proper care and storage, replacing two to three 16-ounce bottles of traditional liquid product.

yoga design lab

earth asana. Yoga Design Lab is a young Bali-based brand that’s shaking up the industry with sophisticated technology and uber-colourful designs, not to mention, mats that make the smallest eco footprint possible. These beauties are made from natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottle microfibres—and are gorgeous, to boot.


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