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Collagen Call-Out

September 24, 2019

Like retinol or squalane, collagen is one of those skin-care buzzwords we know is good for us but aren’t necessarily sure why. For starters, collagen is a protein our body naturally produces that’s linked to healthy skin and connective tissues (FYI: the rate at which we make collagen decreases by one per cent per year after age 30). Fret not, collagen aids have become très popular in the last few years, and we’re about to break down the different ways you can use them to boost your collagen levels. —Vicki Duong


marine collagen. For nothing but collagen check out withinUs TruMarine Collagen ($74), derived from sustainably sourced fish from the South Pacific. Marine collagen is a fave among beauty buffs for its skin-enhancing benefits, including increasing elasticity and plumpness.


coffee creamer. The ideal method of consumption for those looking to get their caffeine fix while supporting bone health, Aura Nutrition Elevated Collagen Coffee Creamer ($40) is sustainably sourced and dairy/soy free. With the addition of MCT (derived from coconut oil) to help aid in the breakdown of fat, it’ll leave your coffee with a slight coconut creamer flavour (so, yum).


collagen on the go. Collagen for the busy bee? Look no further than Sproos Collagen Bars ($40 for 12 bars). Made with clean ingredients like almonds and hemp seeds, each bar provides 14 grams of protein and all the fuel you need on the go. Our fave flave is lemon coconut.


plant-based booster. Plant-based dieters can also increase their collagen levels with Organika Plant-Based Collagen Booster ($40). While collagen is naturally derived from animals, Organika has provided a way to boost your own levels with a blend of superfood ingredients, including dragonfruit extract and ginseng.


skin-care serum. While ingesting collagen seems to be the most popular method for this superstar ingredient, it’s not the only way to get more into your skin. Neostrata Firming Collagen Booster ($75, available online on October 10th, 2019) is a daily serum meant to be worn under your moisturizer. This lightweight serum will leave your skin feeling supple while enriching your skin with amino acids and plant-cell extracts.


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