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Light Speed

September 30, 2019

When it comes to making a house feel like home, good lighting is the oldest trick in the book. But rather than employing oh-so-conventional methods of illumination, we’re all for creative and stylish lighting products that pull double-duty as gorgeous home décor accents. Check out all the “shady business” you should be getting up to! —Isabel Ong


in a flash. Minimalist design enthusiasts will adore Sonneman’s innovative Abstract wall sconce (from $1,370 at Brite Lite), which emits LED light from a prism-shaped reflector that hovers over a wall or ceiling.


shine bright. For those with modern, contemporary leanings, Structube’s Rhys table lamp ($59) ticks all our boxes for its clean lines and perfectly symmetrical globe-shaped bulb cover.


halo effect. The stunning Glo frame by Umbra ($19 at Indigo) comes jazzed up with an LED light strip that give its glass panes—and your photo—an ethereal glow. Even cooler: Write on it with washable neon pens and see your words literally light up.


resort vibes. Breezy island living comes easy with the Lucas rattan accent lamp ($130-$170 at Anthropologie), which features a mint-coloured earthenware base and a rattan lampshade. It’ll also make a perfect addition to Moroccan or boho-inspired décor.


goodnight moon. Ditch the bedside lamp and opt for this quirky, battery-powered crescent moon-shaped sculpture ($42 at Urban Outfitters). Now that’s the kind of mood lighting we absolutely approve of!


geometric glow. Inspired by the relation between mathematical forms, the OE Quasi Light ($17,928 US), designed by Olafur Eliasson, uses geometry to shape light. This sculptural piece reinforces Louis Poulsen and Eliasson’s shared idea that good light = good life.


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