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Behind the Bubbles

October 7, 2019

We were recently invited to Lush’s Behind The Bubbles event for a rare behind-the-scenes look at the brand’s upcoming holiday collection plus a BTS look at what goes into making its iconic products. Here are five things we learned about Lush while touring its Vancouver HQ. —Vicki Duong


lush learning 1. Lush’s commitment to being 100 per cent cruelty free is also extended to its suppliers. The company thoroughly investigates suppliers and who they supply, as Lush will not sign on or partner with any suppliers who supplies companies that test on animals.

lush learning 2. Because none of its ingredients are toxic, prior, during and post production Lush employees are not required to wear face masks! The only staff members that wear masks are the ones who work with Lush powder ingredients, due to the airborne quality of the loose powder and not the toxcity.

lush learning 3. There are multiple full-size commercial refrigerators in Lush HQ to preserve the very freshest ingredients! Items stored in the fridge includes wheatgrass, fresh flowers and oranges.

lush learning 4. While Lush does use commercial-sized mixers for a lot of products, its commitment to being handmade still rings true. The introduction of mixers was to avoid injury to employees and has not decreased the number of jobs available in production. All of the soaps and bars are still hand pressed and hand poured!

lush learning 5. Currently, 50 per cent of Lush’s product range is “naked,” meaning it is packing and waste free! Lush continues to be committed to its sustainability efforts and hopes to broaden its naked range in the future.


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