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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Win! A $1,200 Voucher From The Source

November 27, 2019

You know that friend or family who always seems to score—like, really score—on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals? Want to know their tricks? We’re speaking with The Source’s own in-house tech expert Rachel Hunter to get her best advice on how we all can get the most out of the year’s biggest sales days by bagging 2019’s most in-demand tech products (you’ll be the envy of your crowd)! —Vita Daily

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Hi Rachel! For those who may not know, what exactly are Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Are they different?

Black Friday is a great time to capitalize on amazing offers in the market and to get ahead of your holiday shopping … whether that’s gifts for everyone on your list or simply items you have been wanting to purchase when there are great deals on them! It is the ideal opportunity to get your hands on the latest tech products without breaking the budget. The primary differentiator between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is that Cyber Monday deals are largely found online only. However, at The Source, many of our deals on Cyber Monday are also available in-store so consumers can shop however they prefer.

How does The Source participate in these events?

Every year we work hard to create amazing offers on the season’s hottest electronics for our customers. Our Black Friday deals start a day early—on Thursday—so you can get a jump start on your shopping. Keeping in mind how busy it is likely to be, we have taken appropriate measures to ensure that we are adequately prepared to meet the high traffic demands, both in-store and online. Plus with over 400 stores across Canada, we are in nearly every major mall, so conveniently located as customers already tend to visit the mall for apparel and other Black Friday shopping. Even though it’s a period that’s focused on deals, our associates are still focused on making sure that you are getting the right tech for your needs. It’s important to know exactly how products connect and walk away with a product that you are going to get the most out of. Our associates will ensure that leave feeling like you have made the correct decision for features and benefits, not just the best deal. As for our Cyber Monday deals, they are available both online and in-store so consumers can shop however they prefer. Plus, products can be shipped directly to your door or if you prefer extra security, you can pick it up for free in-store!

So, when it comes to getting the most out of his year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, what are your top tips for shoppers?

do your homework early. To find the best deals, track prices leading up to Black Friday. Review our flyer or website before the Black Friday sale. The same goes for Cyber Monday, which now stretches into multiple days of online specials. To receive offers directly in your inbox, sign up for our email alerts at thesource.ca/subscribe or text JOIN to 777555 to get alerts for special offers or door crashers.

use social media to find the latest "must-have" tech. Our Facebook page and Instagram posts are a great way to find out about exciting new and exclusive products. Checking out the highlights minimizes your research time while helping you build a list of products that will truly stand out.

create a wish list. Why not get ahead of your shopping by adding items to your list in advance? Set yourself up with a Wish List and take your time adding items right up until checkout! This trick will save you a lot of time once Black Friday shopping begins. You can also add multiple colours and products in advance and then easily compare items day of before checking out!

know your products and set up. Nothing is worse than getting home and realizing you needed an extra cable, stand, or accessory to complete your set up. Don’t get blinded by the excitement around your big ticket items and forget that there can be extra items you need to fully take advantage of your new tech. Talk to one of our tech experts in advance, in-store or online and they can give you all the insights on how to make sure you are buying the right tech for your needs.

check the retail policies. With our extended return policy, most holiday purchases can be returned or exchanged until January 15th, 2020, so you have lots of time to make sure you or your loved ones are happy with the tech solution we provided.

That said, what do you see as being the most in-demand tech products at the moment?

Based on what we’ve seen in the past, we believe the following trends to be popular this year as well:

> Big-ticket items like TVs and laptops are top categories during Black Friday as they are traditionally multi-year investments for family entertainment needs and traditionally come with deep discounts over Black Friday.
> We expect to see an increase in the smart watches, as their capabilities have been continuously expanding beyond counting steps. This category has really grown in demand over the last couple of years.
> Consumers are starting to see the added benefits of Smart Home products. They have evolved to control your home’s lights or energy usage, help keep your home secure with smart cameras, save on electricity and heating, or automate multiple smart devices.
> Gaming will also continue to be priority for Black Friday shoppers. Since gaming equipment has traditionally been a high price point category, consumers take advantage of the gaming deals that run throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, especially if they are buying for someone on their list.

So, what’s at the top of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping list?!

I’m a huge fan of the latest wearable technology. There have been so many advancements made over the last year with updates in sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, voice assistance build in and some beautiful new colours. I’ve been fortunate enough to test the products out as they have launches and since 2020 is going to be a year focused on productivity, staying connected to my health and wellness goals as well as my calendar, messages, reminders, and emails will all make a huge difference. Ultimately, I’ll also be looking for a unique colour combination that will stand out. Smart home products are also items I look forward to purchasing over Black Friday. I try to take advantage of sale opportunities like this so I can expand on the ones I already have at home with other compatible products. The thing I find so amazing about having a smart home is that the more you connect, the more you can truly maximize their capabilities. I’m talking about smart lights that you can turn off from your phone or by voice assistant, thermostats with sensors to control differ-ent room temperatures, outdoor cameras or even doorbells to monitor packages … there are so many benefits, especially over the holidays.


Win! A $1,200 Voucher From The Source!

We have a winner! Congratulations Jennifer B. of Waterloo, Ontario, who won a $1,200 voucher from The Source!


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