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A Beautiful Collab (Win! The Catrice x Eman Palette Collection!)

December 2, 2019

When Catrice Cosmetics teamed up with star Youtuber (and longtime Vancouverite) Eman, the resulting trio of makeup palettes (one eyeshadow, one blush and one highlighter) was nothing short of beautiful! We chatted with Eman about the collab, and got her top tips on creating the hottest holiday looks! —Noa Nichol


Hi beautiful Eman! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start!

I was born in Egypt, my family moved to Canada when I was young. I grew up in Vancouver, lived in Toronto for a few years then moved to L.A. about five years ago for my career in makeup. Fun fact: I used to work in finance in Canada! I love to travel, to do makeup (obviously!) and lately have been on a wellness journey to get as fit and as healthy as I can. I love what I do and the community of supportive women on Youtube. In today’s day of age when there are a lot of toxic influences in people’s lives, I like to pride myself on being true to my values, supporting other women, inspiring them and being an open forum to share ideas and to be creative with makeup.

How did you get into beauty? And how did you find such success on Instagram?

I fell into beauty by accident. I never used to wear makeup growing up. Then one day I got my makeup professionally done and I fell in love with makeup on the spot. I love the confidence it gave me and I knew and I wanted to do the same thing for people from that point onward. When I first started out as a makeup artist, around nine years ago, I decided I wanted to do something different to help me stand out, so I started my channel on Youtube. Doing this really helped me evolve as a makeup artist because I was forced to see my mistakes on camera and practice more. I just kept continuing to put out videos and the channel just developed into a life on its own. My Instagram account is a fun way for me to post content, share looks I’ve created, and to communicate with my fans. Lately I have been loving IG stories, where I can engage with my audience, get to know them a bit more and really see what kind of content they want me to create.


How did this palette collab with Catrice come up?

I’ve always been a fan of Catrice—I actually have been wearing their products for a long time now! I love how affordable their products are, yet are such amazing quality and great dupes for higher end brands. When they reached out about collaborating on a product I just thought it was such a natural fit. They gave me full creative control on product development (formula, packaging, everything!), which was really cool to experience. This was my first beauty collaboration with my name on it, and it was really important for me to be heavily involved in the whole development process from start to finish. I wanted to be proud of what we launched, and for the products to be universally flattering on all skin tones—which they are! It’s really exciting for me to see that the Catrice x Eman palettes are now sold at Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Canada; this is where I grew up shopping for makeup, so it’s really neat to see it come full circle.

Please tell us about the three palettes. What was your inspo for each?

The inspiration for these palettes comes from shades that I truly love, would wear every day and know look good on everyone. I really wanted to connect my first collaboration with my personal story which is why the shade names were inspired by my entire journey up to where I am now. I never thought it would be possible for a little Egyptian girl from Canada to be living beyond my wildest dreams in L.A. I am so grateful that I get to do what I love every day and wanted to use my palettes to show my journey to where I am now. The shades in the blush palette represent my Egyptian background, the shades in the highlighter palette are places near where I grew up in British Columbia and the eyeshadow palette represents where I am now, with shade names after places in Los Angeles.


Being from Vancouver ourselves, we’re clearly drawn to the highlighter palette; can you tell us about the place names connected to each shade, and what the significance of those places is to you?

Absolutely! Vancouver holds such a special place in my heart because it’s where I grew up and where my family still lives now. I grew up in Surrey, which is why I wanted to include it in the palette. Whistler is where I would go with my family in the winter. It’s so beautiful and the icy highlighter colour really reminded me of the mountains. Victoria was included in the palette because it’s another one of my favourite places in B.C. that I used to always go to when I was young. And the colour of the shade "maple" reminded me of maple syrup, so that’s why I named it such!

Which of the three palettes will you be using most going into the holiday season? Any tips for festive makeup looks?

For the holiday season I’m really into a glowy look with lots of highlighter and blush to make your cheeks pop, so I’d have to say the highlighter and blush palettes. Although, I do use the eyeshadow palette almost every day because you can really create any look with the colours, whether that be a smoky eye, natural makeup or a shimmery eye with the shades Melrose and Hollywood Blvd. For holiday parties, I’ll spice up my look with a bold red lip, and a touch of the LIT highlighter shade Victoria patted into the centre of the lips for that extra pop of shimmer.

Win! The Entire Catrice x Eman Palette Collection!

We have three winners! Congratulations Terilyn W. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cindy L. of Vaughn, Ontario, and Jessiva R. of Kitchener, Ontario, each of whom won all three palettes in the Catrice x Eman collection!


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