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Dating Sunday

January 3, 2020

Let’s call it the decade for dating! 2020 is the year for growth, self-care and, if you’re single and looking, finding your partner. And, according to our pals at Bumble, making good on that particular New Year’s resolution may be easier than you think. Dating Sunday, on January 5th, is the busiest day of the year for online dating (Bumble Canada tallied up all the messages users sent on Dating Sunday 2019: more than 1.5 million!). If you are hesitant to try online dating or want to get back into it, this Sunday is the best day to dive into the hive with millions of other users. Bumble Better with these tips heading into Dating Sunday. —Vita Daily


timely tip. Send messages this Sunday between 6 and 10 p.m. to maximize your potential matches.

pic trick. Make sure your profile has a solo photo of your beautiful self that best represents YOU. Your match doesn’t want to guess who you are!

fine filter. Add advanced filters to your profile so your match can get to know you before they swipe.

snap chat. Writer’s block? Use the conversation generator to get a jump start on making a great first impression.


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