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Care for Down There (Win! The Entire Buff Experts Range!)

January 14, 2020

No one knows better than Sina Zere, founder of Buff Wax Spot, how important vagina care is. That’s why she’s launched Buff Experts—a carefully formulated intimate product line created specifically the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. We chatted with Sina about the range (and are teaming up with her to give you a chance to win the entire collection)! —Noa Nichol


Hi Sina! Tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’m the woman who’s resumé doesn’t make sense because it meanders all over the place! I started out in the life sciences for 12 years and moved over into the beauty space for the last six by co-founding a bodycare line with my husband called 1’Lux Beauty. In 2017, I opened a chain of wax bars in Edmonton called Buff Wax Spot. It’s while performing Brazilian waxes and speaking to women about their concerns and worries and annoyances with their private bits that I got really interested in developing a line of female self-care products. I envisioned being able to offer high-quality products that took care of the majority of the run-of-the-mill concerns a woman has about her lady garden.

When and why did you get interested in women’s intimate care products?

I experienced severe and chronic yeast infections in my early 20s and over the course of two years had to educate myself on what appropriate self-care for our intimate parts really looked like. In the early aughts, this wasn’t an open topic like it is now. It was very difficult and expensive to find gentle, clean and pH-specific products. Our intimate bits are at the core of our femininity and when something’s wrong down there, it feels like something’s wrong with you. It was a difficult time as a young woman to suffer from such an intensely personal medical condition and I very much want to educate and empower women to learn about and properly take care of their lady gardens.

What is Buff Experts? Why should us gals get excited about it?

The Buff Experts line is an intimate line of products designed to pamper and protect all our gorgeous nooks and crannies that require tender care. I am so incredibly proud and excited about this line because it contains good-quality, clean, tailored and well-priced grooming products that every woman should use daily. The line includes our Rose & Yogurt Intimate Cleanser, our Carrot & Calendula Intimate Salve, our Don’t Sweat It All-Natural Deodorant (and yes, it really works!), our Wipe The Slate Clean intimate wipes and our assortment of implements (small scissors, slant-tip and needle-nose tweezers). Many women don’t realize our vagina’s pH naturally lies between 3.5-4.8; squarely in the acidic range. Most drugstore brand soaps and bodywashes are very alkaline (pH>7), chemically fragranced and dyed, and that disrupts our delicately balanced biome’s (our mixture of bacteria and yeast) pH. An out-of-whack intimate pH level can lead to bad odour, excessive or abnormal discharge, dryness and irritation- all signs of an unhappy vagina.

What ingredients do you use, and how do they benefit us down there?

I believe strongly in the healing power of oils, butters, herbs, flowers and botanical extracts. Our best-seller Carrot & Calendula Intimate Salve tackles dryness and chafed vulvular skin with cold-pressed carrot seed oil and sea buckthorn. There’s a touch of zinc oxide in it to provide a moisture barrier and it’s perfect for use during periods, workouts and menopause. Our Don’t Sweat It All-Natural Deodorant uses charcoal and magnesium to detox stinky underarm pores and has a creamy texture that melts into the skin because of the coconut and avocado oil in it (it’s seriously amazing even on hairy pits and doesn’t leave any clumps!). I added arrowroot powder as well to help absorb wetness. The Rose & Yogurt Intimate Cleanser contains probiotic-rich yogurt extract, cranberry and lactic acid to keep the cleanser slightly acidic, aloe, rose and lavender oil to soothe and nourish and tea tree oil to neutralize odour and act as an antimicrobial. I use soap-free cleansers rather than SLS to eliminate dryness while still giving you a thick, rich lather.

Of the entire range, what’s your fave product, and why?

The Rose & Yogurt Intimate Cleanser because it’s at the heart of my intimate care routine. A gentle, pH-balanced cleanser specifically designed for our vulva, perineum and in between bum cheeks is your gateway product to a happy lady garden! The Don’t Sweat It All-Natural Deodorant is a close-second because my pits are so soft and smooth now while still protecting me from BO!

Photos by Tracey Jazmin

Win! The Entire Buff Experts Range!

We have a winner! Congratulations Vanessa P. of Toronto, who won the entire Buff Experts range!


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