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Your Chinese Zodiac Revealed

January 19, 2020

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, we’re getting into the spirit of the Year of the Rat. Those born in a rat year are known as being observant and imaginative. They’re hard-working and quick to drawn upon their quick wit and resourcefulness when faced with a challenge. If you’re a rat, this is your year to tap into your intuition and follow it to new successes—but what about the other animals in the Chinese zodiac and the secrets behind what they represent? What’s your sign and what does this year hold for you? Read on to find out! —Jeanine Gordon

year of the rat

ox. The ox is nothing if not determined and focused on the task at hand. Friends know you as the dependable one of the group and treasure your loyalty. You’re strong and reliable, focusing on goals and family values. If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill around the house, the time is right.

tiger. If you’re a tiger, you’ve got a bold confidence going for you. You’re courageous and expressive, are a natural leader and easily adapt to new situations. Is 2020 the year to flex those skills and ask for that well-deserved promotion?

rabbit. Rabbits are gentle, kind, well-mannered and polite, but don’t mistake them for being a pushover. If you’re a rabbit, you have a natural ability to persevere in the face of a challenge and can use your patience to rise above toxic situations, making this year one for a fresh outlook on the people you surround yourself with.

dragon. Dragons are known for their enigmatic energy, bravery and intelligence. You’re confident enough to take risks to achieve your goals, and your determination helps you accomplish what you set out to do. Using your tenacity and drive could finally get you that plane ticket and trip you’ve been saving for.

snake. Snakes do things their own way, making them private and independent. As a snake, you value solo-time and like your own company, making downtime and self-care a must for you. You value quality over quantity, so perhaps this year is your time to treat yourself to that bucket-list spa retreat you’ve been dreaming about.

horse. Horses are known and loved by those around them, thanks to their sense of humour and natural attraction to being the centre of attention. You’re animated and enthusiastic, but are also attentive to other people’s needs. You’re a high-energy person who loves to be active—get out there and start training for that marathon this year!

goat. You’re not a party animal, but you do thrive in group settings. Goats are tuned into others and have a sympathetic and kind heart that makes you popular in any crowd. You’re creative and possess a great deal of inner strength, perhaps that’s exactly what you need to finally write the book you’ve always wanted to.

monkey. Your sense of humour can sometimes get you labelled as a prankster, but your personable, witty ways make you likeable by almost everyone you meet. Monkeys are clever and quick to learn, always greeting opportunities and challenges with a curious mind, giving you all the luck you need to pursue the career change you’ve been contemplating.

rooster. By day, you’re hard-working and resourceful, always ready to tackle tough situations with bravery and strength. By night, you thrive as the funny and talkative one in any group. As a rooster, you’re honest and loyal, and this may be the year that your charms attract a new group of friends into your ever-expanding social circle.

dog. Dogs are lovable and known for their loyalty, kindness and sincerity. You’re empathetic and responsible, but also have an active, curious mind and a tenacious streak that could make this the perfect time to enroll in that course you’ve been thinking about.

pig. Pigs are well-known and liked for their generosity and compassionate side, as well as their sense of calm. You’re self-sufficient and goal-oriented, always setting out to finish what you start. Take that determination and drive and turn it into the new house or condo you’ve been saving for.


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