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Top 2020 Wellness Festivals to Attend

February 11, 2020

Thinking of taking in a wellness festival this year? These multi-day events are a great way to explore different wellness practices you’re interested in, in a beautifully flexible format, and bring together top teachers in beautiful spaces, where you can explore a variety of practices, from yoga to Kirtan to shamanism to kundalini to Gua Sha. —Monica Krake


victoria yoga conference. This annual conference brings in the top yoga and wellness teachers from B.C. for a weekend of inspiration, motivation and deep learning about the practice of yoga and (well!) beyond.

samsarafest. Samsara, a Sanskrit word, means journeying, which is the theme of this beautiful healing and wellness festival happening just outside of Seattle, Washington. This festival first came to life with a mandate to support those who are grieving by offering a multitude of healing and wellness supports and workshops. However, Samsarafest has evolved to include a lot of celebration as well.

shakti fest. Happening in May in Desert Hot Springs, California, Shakti Fest is a Kirtan-focused festival focused on celebrating the Divine Feminine connection that resides in all of us. Seekers will enjoy a lot of live music, yoga classes, healing, conscious workshops, gender specific classes and more—plus it’s kid friendly.

banff yoga festival. This boutique wellness festival specializes in all things yoga, meditation, self-care, green cuisine and outdoor adventure. Immerse yourself in three days of wellness and soak up the beauty of Banff at the same time.

muskoka yoga festival. This festival takes place in the pristine nature of Limberlost Forest and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario, offering a full weekend of yoga, music, a 10K Forest Run, camping, a food and vendor market and lots of other activities. This is a family-friendly event with a mandate of “Community, Connection and Conservation.”

okanagan yoga festival. One of the few yoga festivals that includes wine as a central piece, the OYF invites people from the Okanagan and beyond to create community and immerse themselves in three days of conscious celebration. From yoga classes to hiking to meditation to hands-on workshops and mindful wine tasting, you’ll leave feeling renewed and inspired.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the above list, do a little digging online to learn more about the teachers and schedules. And if you need more help, Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, offers this how-to guide for choosing the right wellness getaway for you.


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