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Wear Your Hope On Your Sleeve (Win! A Melanie Auld Fortune Necklace!)

April 7, 2020

It’s a tough time, to say the least, and we’re looking to wear our hearts—and hope—on our sleeves. Here, a selection of spring pieces from Melanie Auld Jewelry that carry massive meaning, perfect to help us express our thoughts and feelings around the challenging situation at hand, and hold compassion and hope close to our hearts. —Vita Daily

melanie auld

fortune necklace. Melanie Auld’s fortune necklace represents love, luck, protection and good fortune, and who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives?

melanie auld

guardian angel pendant. Angels live within our hearts, and now so does our favourite angel pendant. Tiny and sweet, wear this charm to remember an angel that watches over you.

melanie auld

lucky number charm necklace. What number seems to bring you the best luck? Perhaps part of a favourite date or number of special people in your life. It’s something you can always bet on, so why not carry it with you on this classic engravable necklace?

melanie auld

sacred heart pendant. The Sacred Heart represents a love for all humanity. Wear this as a symbol of faith, devotion or love.

melanie auld

coveted emerald pendant. Green is representative of natural growth and eternal renewal. Wear this stone to promote healing, wellness and regeneration of the body and mind.

Win! A Melanie Auld Fortune Necklace!

We have a winner! Congratulations Elizabeth R. of Vancouver, B.C., who won a Melanie Auld fortune necklace in her choice of vermeil or sterling silver.


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