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The Root Of Your Hair Problems

July 7, 2020

The scalp is a unique area of skin: thick, (usually) covered in hair, with an abundant blood supply to feed all those hair follicles, a tonne of oil-producing glands, and a complex system of bacteria, too. Shampoo—a product designed for hair—simply won’t cut it when it comes to cleaning, rebalancing and exfoliating it.

virtue lab

Enter the new Scalp Collection from Virtue Labs, which comprises two products. The Topical Scalp Supplement ($73 at Sephora) is a serum that you apply nightly to your dry scalp before bed. It contains peptides that are said to be good for hair health, ceramides to improve the skin barrier, and biotin, commonly used to boost hair growth. There’s also the brand’s proprietary form of keratin, prebiotics to rebalance the microbiome and B vitamins. The Exfoliating Scalp Treatment ($62 at Sephora) is used in place of conditioner once or twice a week. Fruit enzymes and BHAs slough off dead cells, the massaging action of rubbing it into your scalp boosts circulation and there are botanical oils to moisturize so, unlike many hair exfoliants, it doesn’t leave your tresses frazzled.

This new collection doesn’t just leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean. It also makes hair feel silky and strong, proving that a healthy scalp is the best route to beautiful locks—pun most definitely intended. —Aileen Lalor


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