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CBD For All: Q&A With Calyx Wellness Founder Danielle Blair

September 3, 2020

Calyx Wellness—a trusted provider of hemp-derived CBD-infused beauty and health products, with remedies for every energy and goal—was founded in Canada by Danielle Blair, who has grown her business to not one but two retail locations in Ontario, with products found in hundreds of retailers worldwide. We chatted with Danielle about her highly personal introduction to cannabinoid therapy, and her goals for helping entire communities achieve healthy, balanced lifestyles through natural CBD therapy. —Vita Daily

Hi Danielle! When and why did you launch Calyx Wellness?

My partner was suffering from the aftermath of a brain tumor that was removed. His doctor prescribed him cannabis for the nerve damage and headaches as a natural way to mitigate the pain. I discovered hemp-derived CBD as the alternative to cannabis, which would not get him high but still allow him to function on a daily basis with the natural remedy he was looking for. From there I realized that not only could my partner reap these benefits, but so many other people could benefit from these products as well. That is when we launched the brand in Toronto in 2015. At the time, it was the first CBD boutique in Canada to bridge the gap between cannabis and natural supplements and, with our education platform, the first to break the stigma around cannabis products to help the consumer understand the true natural benefits of this molecule. We gained great traction with the product and soon we had people calling, walking into our shop even searching for us in the community, eager to learn more!

How has the company grown since launch? What are your current product/service offerings to Canadian consumers?

It has grown tremendously from one retail store on Queen Street in Toronto to now being sold in hundreds of stores across the country and expanding into the U.S. late 2020! We currently offer products from supplement oils to facial creams, capsules and bath bombs—and even a whole pet line—all infused with CBD.

What would you say are the top misconceptions about CBD as it relates to health and wellness?

I think people believe they have to be sick or suffering to use or benefit from CBD, which is false. CBD can be used as a health supplement to balance our mind and bodies.

How does CBD work to treat specific issues including anxiety and mental health, digestive and cardiovascular issues, skin care, beauty and more?

CBD connects to the CB receptors and travels through the endocannabinoid system and has the ability to promote homeostasis. Homeostasis is your unique, personal natural order and balance. Because of this, CBD makes itself an effective treatment for a wide variety of ailments and illnesses. Inflammation is also at the core of most common ailments and CBD is one of the most potent, naturally derived anti-inflammatories.

What are some of your top “secret” CBD tips and tricks most people don’t know about (such as CBD as a spot treatment for skin, CBD for cuticles, etc.)?

I use the 1,000-mg Heal tincture in my hair and massage it into my sculp to hydrate; because it’s an oil I leave it in overnight and rinse it off in the morning. It really helps in the winter!

What about our fur babies? Can CBD benefit pets?

CBD works within all mammals the same way it would be effective for humans because we share an endocannabinoid system. Different variation of concentrations would be effective dependent on the size of the mammal. Again, just as humans, our fur babies can benefit from CBD for even the most minor common ailments that often go unaddressed, such as separation anxiety or the fear of fireworks, for example.

We know you have committed yourself personally over the years to local and global not-for-profit organizations, from educating at-risk teens on drug awareness to water filtration initiatives in Africa and food rescue programs. How do you continue to support worthy community causes through Calyx Wellness?

Calyx supports many organizations on a monthly basis from Sick Kids Hospital to the Red Cross and many community non-profits and food banks. At the beginning of the year we donated two homes to an organization called homes4hope that is building homes in Malawi for families with disabilities. We also donated to the Black Health Alliance as well as the Black Youth Help Line, which aids youth at risk. We try to donate on a monthly basis as we are a brand built on compassion. Something that doesn’t get tracked but is a weekly occurrence is donating products to people in need. We donate thousands a year in product to people who are at risk and in need of help.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what one Calyx product could you not live without?!

The Smooth cream! I suffer from eczema badly on my arms and neck. But, as a bonus, it works amazing on the face for hydration.


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