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Introducing The Very First Pet Bath Bomb

September 22, 2020

Our friends at Calyx have launched the very first CBD Bath Bomb for pets, Puppy Love, online and in store starting today!

Bath time in general can be something that triggers anxiousness in our furry friends and CBD’s anxiolytic effects lend itself to making this a smoother experience that they can genuinely enjoy. The Puppy Love Bath Bloom ($17) is an optimal choice if you are looking to reduce aggression and hyperactivity, soothe bug bites and other irritated skin conditions, and relieve muscle and joint pain. Puppy Love is crafted with soothing oatmeal, which contains vitamin B to assist with maintaining a healthy coat. It also contains linoleic acid, which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid, to encourage strong and healthy skin in dogs. This product is appropriate for any age! It can act to maintain and protect good health from a young age, as a preventative of dormant skin and pain conditions, and to provide comfort and stability in old age.

It certainly is a dog’s life! —Vita Daily


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