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Get Off The Bike With Peloton Barre

October 15, 2020

Thanks to popular demand, Peloton’s any time, any where library of fitness content just gained a new addition, Barre. We chatted with instructor Hannah Corbin about the new 10-class collection, available on demand from your TV, App, Bike or Tread. —Vita Daily

Hi Hannah! Please tell us a bit about yourself to start.

I’m Hannah, one of Peloton’s founding instructors. I teach cycling, stretching, strength and now Barre! I specializes in cardio and length with an emphasis on treating your body like it belongs to someone you love.

Why the addition of Barre to Peloton’s repertoire?

At Peloton we’re always mixing up our workouts and giving our members a fresh approach to sweat. Barre offers a dynamism that challenges your body and builds strength in new ways while remaining low impact on the joints. Barre was such a treat to create for our members.

For those of us who don’t know, what is Barre, and what are its benefits?

Barre uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet, Pilates and yoga, focusing on small range movements, pulses and isometric holds that are done to the beat of the music to help you learn to inhabit your body in new and exciting ways. Barre is a fun and vibrant class format to help you push yourself while delivering a low-impact strength workout.

How is Peloton Barre unique?

Barre is an attitude workout in addition to working out your body, and should never be boring, so Peloton Barre combines the vibe of dance with a major burn—what could be better than that?!

How do we participate in Peloton’s Barre classes?

Any time, any where on the Peloton App! The Peloton App offers access to Peloton’s full content library and is available on iOS, Android and web, as well as Amazon Fire TV, Apple Watch, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku TV. The app includes not only the fabulous new Barre collection but also more ways to celebrate yourself in sweat than you can count!

What are your top three Barre moves?

My faves shift between lower body, arm and core moves depending on the day of the week. I’ve been to Barre classes and I enjoy Barre, but Peloton Barre is different, so basically forget what you already knew because we are kicking up the fun and bringing a whole new spicy vibe to Barre!


  1. Abubakae

    July 15th, 2022 at 10:40 pm

    What type I results are people seeing with Peloton strength classes? I assume you need to purchase lots of dumbbells, an adjustable, and scale the weights to your level. So, I am looking to hear from people who’ve been doing it consistently for almost 6-months to a year.

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