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5 Scents To Fall In Love With

October 19, 2020

As the leaves turn golden and the days get shorter we can’t help but start to crave all things cosy. Whether it’s sipping on PSLs or donning extra layers, our minds are focused on simple seasonal comforts, including the telltale scents of autumn. Here, some products worth taking a nosedive into fall for. —Vicki Duong

strawberry shortcake candle. One of the things we’re looking forward to most this autumn is baking at home. Luckily, those who aren’t gifted cooks can get the freshly baked smell of strawberry shortcake wafting through their abode with Kilig Candle Co. Created in collaboration with Butter Lane Bakery, this candle ($32) is deliciously decadent, eco-friendly and vegan.

vanilla pumpkin body wash. Lather up in all things cosy this season with The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel ($10). Scented just like an autumn dessert, the vanilla and pumpkin notes are complemented with hazelnuts, caramel and maple. With all those sweet scents it’s tempting to taste but, trust us, it’s best for shower use only.

brown sugar body polish exfoliator. A part of prepping for cooler temps is to soothe our skin from all the sun exposure we got during the warmer months. We love using this brown sugar scrub ($51) from Fresh Beauty. Not only does it gently buff and moisturize skin, it also smells just like a sugar cookie!

private mind eau de parfum. Imagine bottling the scent of cashmere sweaters, warm and rich. La Maison Valmont did just that with its Private Mind perfume ($380), a blend of saffron, rose and leather. It manages to be fresh and smokey at the same time, reminding us of snuggling up next to a bonfire.

dream-y mist. With the sun setting earlier, it’s hard to know when to slow down and get ready for bed. We’ve been trying to introduce new nighttime routines to help ease us into a more restful sleep. Misting Pixi Beauty Dream-y Mist ($20 at Shoppers Drug Mart) is our latest sleep-tight go-to. The mist also contains humectants and antioxidants for maximum restorative benefits, meaning that it puts the beauty in beauty sleep.


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