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8 Amazing Gifts For Wellness Lovers In B.C.

November 30, 2020

The holidays are coming fast, and that means gift exchanges are right around the corner. We don’t enjoy the to-do nature of shopping for gifts *unless* we know the person we’re buying for will love the gift. Here are seven unique gift ideas for the wellness lovers in your life and (hint, hint) that we would love to receive ourselves. Monica Krake

Crystal Wellness is a small, PNW-based company run by Yasmine Decosterd, who infuses Crystal Reiki energy into the products she carries. This candle + cloche is a great mix of self care + luxe. Plus, it was featured in British Vogue.

The most fun, relaxing and restorative hair experience can be had via Yuko Turnbull’s Holistic Hair Ceremony. She gives a great cut, plus a super-relaxing head massage with tuning forks, sound meditation, reiki and intention-setting. Unique, check! 

Unlike many spas, where you leave feeling there are things about your face that should be fixed, you’ll leave Wildflower in Port Moody feeling you’re perfect as you are, plus your skin will be glowing.

For aspiring meditators, and those into personal growth, the gift of a wellness program with a truly great teacher is a unique and personal gesture. We’ve done Mara Branscombe’s The Art of Ritual program and loved it. Other options: 30 Days of Soul Work for anyone who’s wanting to make space for their personal growth journey or Navigate Meditation, for aspiring meditators. 

For anyone in your life who loves yoga and is equally into their personal growth, Lea Morrison’s inclusive membership includes yoga, trauma-informed coaching, yoga workshops, group coaching, stress management and mindfulness and meditation activities. 

For anyone who’s in transition right now (and that’s many of us!), the gift of a Find Your Life’s Purpose Workshop is just the ticket. World-renowned yoga teacher Natalie Backman offers an embodied approach to helping people discover their life’s purpose; a perfect gift for anyone wanting clarity.

One of the most fun things we’ve done in a while was to get a personal herbal consultation from Sue at Unity Herbals. You’ll leave with herbal knowledge plus personal teas and tinctures to support your health. You can do this in person in Vancouver or virtually on Zoom. Sue’s teas make a lovely gift on their own; she’s famous for her caffeine-free chai!

For a gift around eco wellness, an online eco course named The Why & How helps urban Canadian women learn how to become more eco friendly and positively contribute to Canada’s Climate Action Plan, in an approachable and accessible format. Bonus: FIRST10 gives a 10 per cent discount to the first 10 people who use the code. 

Main image by @hautestockco


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