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How Often Should You Wash Your Mask?

December 1, 2020

With face masks mandated in most places across the country, how often should you wash them? WHO recommends wearing a clean mask daily, but “who” is actually doing loads of laundry every single day?

Enter B.C. sisters Tammy and Rosana Sablic, who have come up with something called the MaskWash: a fast, effective and eco-friendly way to wash masks at home or on the road. This portable, hygienic and efficient solution consists of a silicone washing bag, a drying towel and a carrying bag, and means we can quick-wash our mask without having to wait until we collect enough clothes to throw it in the machine. (The silicone bag design is a mini wash station you can use at home or take anywhere in the world.)

“You wouldn’t want to wear dirty underwear everyday, masks are essentially the same thing,” says Tammy. We couldn’t agree more! —Vita Daily


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